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6 students spread bad smell in school for fun

6 students spread bad smell in school for fun

School was going on. In the meantime, students get a strong stench in their noses, which is exactly like excrement or vomit. And the students started getting sick. The situation is such that six students have to be hospitalized. Even the school has to be closed for a few days. It was later learned that a student sprayed the smelly chemical in the school as a joke. News from NDTV

The incident started last Wednesday. At Cane Creek High School in Texas, the first odor spread that day. As a result, students were evacuated from the school. The members of the fire service searched the entire school building to find out where the stench was coming from. However, no source of the stench could be found.

The next day it still smelled bad. Still the school opened. Soon after this came the real danger. Six students suffered severe headaches due to the stench. They have to be hospitalized. At least eight people fell ill. As a result, the school was forced to close for the next few days. However, fire service personnel confirmed that the school’s air quality was fine.

So where did the stench come from? While searching for the answer to this question, a surprising information comes to the fore. Last Friday, a student of the school admitted that he had sprayed the smelly chemical. However, the school authorities believe that he is not alone, some students have done this in alliance with him.

According to the information provided by the local fire service, the name of the spray is ‘Hansgaukt fart spray’. It is usually used for fun. It produces foul odors like excrement and vomit.

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