6 premiere series and movies that you cannot miss

This is another week of premieres on streaming platforms and nothing better than taking advantage of the break next Tuesday (Carnival) to watch a good series or movie.

Once again, Netflix is ​​the platform with the most releases to highlight, but Apple TV and Amazon Prime also have surprises for users.

1. Carnival Row season 2 – Amazon Prime

Carnival Row’s second season comes three years after the first, but it promises to be better and even bigger than its predecessor with 10 episodes instead of the previous eight.

Philo, played by Orlando Bloom, and Vignette (Cara Delevigne) are forced to confront rising tensions between humans and faeries after several mysterious murders.

2. Hello morning! -AppleTV

It’s the 1950s and a group of highly persuasive salespeople, led by Billy Crudup, are selling timeshare vacations on the Moon.

The first three episodes of this series, which brilliantly blends drama and satirical comedy, are now available on Apple’s streaming platform. The remaining seven episodes are scheduled to premiere every Friday through April 7.

3. Red Rose – Netflix

Produced by the BBC, this dramatic series is now reaching the international scene through the Netflix streaming platform.

Here we follow the drama of a group of teenagers who live a disturbing and turbulent summer after installing a dangerous application that threatens them with serious consequences if they do not obey its requests…

4. Sharper – Apple TV

Starring Sebastian Stan, Julianne Moore, John Lithgow, Justice Smith and Briana Middleton, this film was considered by international critics as “beautiful and full of intellectual ideas”.

The story follows a group of highly talented thieves who attack billionaires in New York. They all get into a game of relentless manipulation and high stakes.

5. Full Swing – Netflix

In this eight-episode documentary series, we follow a group of professional golfers through a relentless season of competition.

Ideal for lovers of this sport and that still conquers the rest by showing, without shame, the battle waged between various countries to actively participate in the main golf competitions.

6. African Queens: Njinga – Netflix

This series features a hybrid documentary/drama style and is produced and narrated by Jada Pinkett Smith, the wife of well-known actor Will Smith.

The plot centers on the life and legacy of the Njinga warrior queen, leader of Angola in the 17th century. The episodes have the collaboration of specialists who try to draw the portrait of the African queen.

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