5G is spreading more and more in Portugal. But the use is still low.

In the mobile network, 5G became available in Portugal at the end of 2021 through the main operators. NOS opened the segment, but MEO and Vodafone quickly followed suit.

Now that the deployment of the service has reached a large part of the population, it is interesting to see how 5G is being used in Portugal. The figures revealed this Monday by ANACOM attest that there are still few who use 5G.

Only 12.1% of mobile service users use the 5G network

During the first quarter of 2023, “it is estimated that around 12.1% of mobile service users and 16.3% of mobile Internet users used the 5G mobile network,” according to the communications regulator.


This means that 5G had, at that time, a penetration rate of 15.6 per 100 inhabitants. As for 5G traffic, it only represented around 7.9% of total mobile data traffic in these first three months of 2023.

5G users have an average monthly traffic of 4.4 GB

Per user, according to ANACOM, the average monthly traffic in 5G networks is 4.4 GB per user in 5G mobile Internet. The table revealed by the entity shows that total 5G traffic this quarter is estimated at 19,683 TB. It is also revealed that there were 1.62 million accesses to the 5G mobile internet.

Remember that during the last Mobile Phone World Congress, ANACOM revealed that 98% of the municipalities in Portugal already had 5G mobile network coverage. This means that 302 municipalities already had coverage, leaving only 6.

The expansion of 5G was certainly faster than expected, with the implementation already covering a large part of the population. What is missing now is for those numbers to be translated into use. Something that also turns out to be dependent on the equipment used.

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