$540 Million in Bitcoin Options Expiring: More Volatility Ahead?

The crypto world often faces huge volatility, and a recent tweet from Colin Woo shows that there may be more volatility ahead. In the tweet, he writes about the expiration of a large amount of bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH) options.

$540 million in bitcoin options

In the tweet, Wu writes that 25,000 BTC options and 247,000 ETH options are about to expire. The face value of these options is $540 million for BTC and $380 million for ETH.

One of the most important indicators in options trading is the Put Call Rate, which measures the number of put options (bets that the price will fall) versus call options (bets that the price will rise). A ratio below 1 may indicate that traders bullish are, while a ratio above 1 indicates one bearish sentiment. Wu reports that the Put Call Ratio for BTC options is 0.61, while the ratio for ETH options is 0.68.

The tweet also mentions the “biggest pain point” for the two cryptos, which is the price at which the options contract would be most painful for traders. For BTC, that pain point is $22,500, while for ETH, it’s $1,600. If the price of BTC or ETH is near the “biggest pain points”, traders with options contracts about to expire are more likely to buy or sell the underlying asset to cash in profits or incur losses. minimalize. This increased trading activity can create momentum in the market and lead to significant price movement in either direction.

Low crypto market liquidity

Another crucial factor in options trading is market liquidity. Liquidity is the degree to which an asset can be bought or sold without affecting its market price. Wu states that market liquidity has dropped significantly, meaning that trading large positions can be challenging and potentially impact the price of these cryptocurrencies.

Finally, Wu does note that the implied volatility (IV) of these options may reach record lows. implied volatility is a measure of the market’s expectations for an asset’s future price movements. A low IV indicates that traders expect relatively stable price movements in the near future.

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