Home Sports 50 kilos of a Premier Club by Ansu Fati

50 kilos of a Premier Club by Ansu Fati

50 kilos of a Premier Club by Ansu Fati

The possibility of Ansu Fati leaving Barcelona has been the subject of rumors and speculation lately. The young winger’s playing time is limited for various reasons, one of which is that Xavi Hernández prefers other players, which opens the door for him in this transfer market.

After a summer of rumours, Arsenal would seriously consider signing Ansu Fati In these last days of summer, the English side are ready to put an offer of more than 50 million euros on the table to ensure the arrival of the promising winger, who has more than once expressed his desire to continue playing for the Blaugrana team , who has enough confidence to turn his situation around and once again be a key part of the offensive rotation of the team he leads Xavi hernandez.

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The output of Ansu Fati It would be a real bombshell on the transfer market if the Spain forward had the chance to regain the best of his versions away from home Barcelonasomething that seemed impossible at the beginning of his career, up to her knee injury that seems to have completely changed the career of the Spain international, who could try her luck from this season premier league.

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