THE xiaomi has one of the biggest and best portfolio of gadgets and home products you can find for sale in Portugal in 2022. Best of all? The official Xiaomi store, Mi Store Portugal has great discounts on various Xiaomi products.

For this reason, we have selected some of the best Xiaomi gadgets for up to 50 euros that you can now buy in the online store, as well as in the different physical stores throughout the country. They are technological products and Lifestyle which are now even cheaper!

1. Yeelight D2 Night Lamp

Yeelight D2 Night Lamp

Price: €69.99 / as €48.99 (30% promotion)

the night lamp Xiaomi Yeelight D2 Night Lamp It not only supports app control and voice control, but can also be controlled directly via the side touch bars.

In this way, the user can easily adjust the color and temperature (from warm white to cool white) and brightness. We can choose between 16 million colors. To turn on/off, all you need to do is to briefly touch the lamp body.

Lastly, we have several pre-programmed light scenes and timer functions are also available. Also, this Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp D2 was a winner in the 2019 Reddot Award.

2. XIAOMI Traveler Backpack

XIAOMI Commuter Backpack Backpack

Price: as €19.99 (33% promotion)

Secondly, we highlight this Xiaomi Commuter Backpack product, a gadget Lifestyle. It is a compact, lightweight backpack with several compartments, with a large capacity. The backpack features a modern design for any user.

You can find this Xiaomi backpack in three color combinations: light blue, expensive gray and dark gray. The backpack itself has a capacity of approximately 21 L. The dimensions are relatively compact, measuring 320 × 160 × 440 mm.

In short, it is a simple but robust backpack made of polyester fiber for day-to-day use.

3. Redmi Buds 3 Lite Earbuds

Redmi Buds 3 Lite Headphones

Price: as €29.99 (14% promotion)

Third, we have the headphones. Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Lite. They are an economical option that have an ergonomic design that allows you to use them for long periods of time comfortably.

furthermore, the headphones The Xiaomi have a stable Bluetooth 5.2 connection and a range of up to 18 hours. So you can enjoy interference-free quality sound all day long, whether you’re at the gym, playing games on your phone, or watching your favorite series.

This Xiaomi product is available in black and white at the consumer’s choice.

4. Mi Security Camera 360° Home Security Camera 2K Pro

Mi Security Camera 360° 2K Pro Home Security Camera

Price: as €49.99 (17% promotion)

Next we have the surveillance camera. Xiaomi Mi 360° 2K Pro Home Security Camera. It is very likely to be the ideal choice when it comes to the safety of your family. 2K resolution at 2304×1296 allows you to follow everything that happens in your home, in great detail.

In fact, you can pause, zoom and locate the most important details of each recording and follow everything in real time. In other words, the camera rotates 360º horizontally and 118º vertically, ensuring that no angle is lost.

Also, through the AI ​​algorithm, human movements are easily detected. The best of all? You can install this camera up or down, allowing you to place it on a table or ceiling.

Finally, its control and monitoring is done through the Mi Home APP.

5. XIAOMI Mi Ratcheting Screwdriver 16 in 1 Screwdriver

XIAOMI Mi Ratcheting Screwdriver 16 in 1 Screwdriver

Price: as €49.99 (17% promotion)

Finally, we point to Xiaomi Mi 16 in 1 Ratchet Screwdriver. This is one of the most versatile screwdrivers of the moment that is always on hand to have at home. It was designed to be used in any situation, inside your body you will find 16 different tips for any task. T

The best of all? It also offers a hardness of 60 HRC, which allows great resistance in use. It also has a 105mm extension bar, so you can get into the toughest corners.


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