5 tips for choosing the best smartphone for children

5 tips for choosing the best smartphone for children

buy a new smartphone For children it does not have to be difficult. It is important, however, to know how to choose the best mobile phone for children, the smartphone with a good screen, durable and with good autonomy, among other points that we present.

EITHER Christmas is coming and with it the difficult task of choosing gifts. If your son is always asking Santa for a cell phone, and this is the year he’s going to give it up, he’ll follow up on this advice with some affordable shopping tips from SPC.

1. Analyze the quality/price ratio

Smartphones SPC Child

First, choosing a device that meets the needs and wants of a child is probably not the ideal weighting factor for what will be your child’s first phone.

Especially if we take into account the probability that it will break down quickly or some difficulty in adapting. Therefore, choose the equipment that offers the balance perfect balance between design, performance and functionality.

More than a complex team, which may not be fully used in all its functions. Therefore, what matters is a phone that is functional, practical, intuitive and available without requiring too high investments.

2. Choose a smartphone with a large screen and good quality

Secondly, if the child is a fan of games or loves to watch videos on YouTube, follow TikTokers or talk with friends, then choose a model with a Full Screen display, that is, a large one.

smartphone SPC SMART PRO

Among the cheapest smartphones to be part of this group we have, for example, the SPC SMART PRO It has, for example, a 6.1” screen, which allows for a totally immersive experience. It’s a cheap smartphone, costs €99.90🇧🇷

On the other hand, we know that even with many rules, young people spend many hours on their mobile phones and, therefore, the contrasts and definition of the image are something that you should take into account.

For this reason, when searching, opt for smartphones with a high-resolution IPS HD+ screen, or if your budget allows it, an AMOLED screen.

3. Camera quality is important for family video calls

For take family photos, with friends, filming the video of the dog or cat, it is important that the team had a good quality rear camera. At the same time, the ideal is also a good front camera for video calls.

At the same time, since space will be needed to store photos and videos, check the storage capacity, both internal and expandable through an additional card.

In short, leaving more than enough space for your child to store everything they need.

4. The network will be an important point to contact and contact

Next, but not least for any child, the Internet connection It must be fast and functional. The best? Without a doubt the 5G connection, the fifth generation of mobile networks.

However, there are several options, and the more common and cheaper 4G-enabled devices will be enough to ensure you stay connected and online whenever and wherever you want and are allowed.

5. A quick and fluid response in the day-to-day life of children

Finally, keep in mind the Yield of the equipment There are several options of devices with different configurations, some presenting better features than others.

smartphones with processors eight cores ensure superior performance and fluidity today. Chipsets that, associated with the capacity of the RAM memory, and the Android operating system offer a complete response to any app used in the day-to-day life of the child.

smartphone SPC SMART PRO

With this advice in mind, SPC makes a special suggestion for a child’s first mobile phone. We have several options on the market, but, specifically, we indicate here the SPC model.

The SPC SMART PRO is available for 119.90 euros, but you can take advantage of the Black Friday promotion still in force – €99.90 Valid until November 28.


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