5 thousand year old “fridge” discovered

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of a 5,000-year-old restaurant in Iraq, including a space currently used as a refrigerator.

Eating out seems to have been as popular 5,000 years ago as it is today, with archaeologists in Iraq uncovering an ancient hotel dating back to 2,700 BC.

Who doesn’t like eating out, it’s considered a pastime these days, but it seems eating out was just as popular 5,000 years ago as it is today.

According to the American news channel CNN, archaeologists in Iraq have traced an ancient hotel dating back to 2,700 BC (4,900 years old).

At Talul al-Aba in the northeastern region of Dhi Qar, Iraq, researchers have unearthed the remains of a hotel during excavations, which consisted of one room and an open-air dining area. The old name of this area was Lagash.

Archaeologists from Iraq, the United States and the United Kingdom made a joint excavation project in this area during 2019. The new discovery is a link in the same chain.

University of Pennsylvania archaeologist Reed Goodman told CNN that during the excavation the team realized they were in an open courtyard, which was difficult to excavate.

After returning to the mysterious courtyard a few months later, in the fall of 2022, University of Pisa Field Director Sara Pizzimenti widened the trench.

Researchers have discovered a dining bench, an oven, ancient food remains and even a 5,000-thousand-year-old “fridge” in the hotel. Food was preserved and cooled in this oven-shaped area, absorbing moisture from the air to keep the contents cool.

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