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5 thousand pesos receives boxing champion

5 thousand pesos receives boxing champion

Cristian Pinales, gold medalist in the 80-kilo category at the San Salvador 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games, barely receives 5,000 pesos as a bonus from the Support Program for High Performance Sports, New Values ​​and Immortals (PARNI).

The boxer himself confirmed this information on the “La Hora del Deporte” program, which is broadcast every Sunday at 11:00 in the morning on CDN Deportes.

Pinales, visited the prestigious program with his partner Alexy De La Cruz, champion in the 63.5 kilos category of the San Salvador Games and both assured that the boxers should receive care that is consistent with their results.

“I see little attention paid to boxers, they don’t give us the attention we deserve. Here they only care about the medals, but they don’t get close to the athletes,” said Pinales, who qualified for the 2023 Pan American Games in Chile after his gold medal in San Salvador.

For his part, Alexy De La Cruz, the oldest boxer in the national team who earns 25,000 pesos a month from PARNI, confessed that sometimes he has to borrow to meet his family responsibilities, as the father of 2 children and that he has often wondered if all the effort he has made representing the country is worth it.

later we will see

De La Cruz, a bronze medalist at the Serbian World Boxing Championship in 2021, said that he is still waiting for a response from the current Minister of Sports and Recreation, Francisco Camacho for an increase in his PARNI income.

Upon being received by the current Sports incumbent, he only received congratulations and a photo was taken, but when the boxer asked for a raise, Camacho replied: “We’ll see later.”

The Hato Mayor native said that he has not yet received a response to his request.

In this sense, the boxer cited the case of Marileidy Paulino, double silver medalist at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and currently ranked number in the 400-meter dash.

“Until Marileidy was an Olympic medalist, no one cared about her, and likewise there are many athletes who even participated in the San Salvador Games without obtaining medals that are not within the PARNI” De la Cruz, who already has two victories without defeats in the professional field, only has the Olympic medal left in her career and will look for it in Paris 2024.

He has won 9 gold medals internationally, 1 silver medal and 3 bronze medals. In five opportunities he has not obtained medals.

A house for mom

These boxers will receive a bonus of 150,000 pesos from the Dominican Government, they affirmed that their objective is to build a home for their mothers.

Both have already started building it.

Cristian does it in La Romana and Alexys in his native province of Hato Mayor.

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