5 things to keep in mind when buying a new smartphone

5 things to keep in mind when buying a new smartphone

Any user who wants to take advantage of Black Friday to change their smartphone must take five elements into account.

These five points can be crucial to respond in the most appropriate way to day-to-day needs. But be careful, the budget should always be defined in advance and only then should we analyze each of the following five elements.

1. Battery support and fast charging

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Screen refresh rate should be considered before buying a new smartphone Credit@Pexels/Pixabay

One of the first elements to take into account when changing smartphones is battery life and support for fast charging. Currently, the mobile terminal is one more work tool for each of us, but also an entertainment platform and a connection to the Web world.

All these things drain the battery, not only because they put heavy work on the processor, but also because of the power demand of the screen. Therefore, it should have a good capacity, between 4,500 and 5,000 mAh. Of course, the Android universe has many models equipped with batteries of this capacity, so there is no shortage of options.

On the other hand, support for fast charging is also important, especially for users who are on the go frequently. Anything from 67 watts already ensures a reasonably fast charge that allows “feeding” the battery in a sufficient percentage for a few more hours of use.

Of course, 120-watt fast charging mounts that allow you to fully charge the battery in 15 minutes are ideal. But something that can charge from 50% to 60% of the battery in 17 minutes is reasonable and easier to find in models with more affordable prices.

2. Screen refresh rate

Another of the specifications to take into account is the refresh rate of the screens. Currently, the premium segment has smartphones with refresh rates of 120Hz and above, and the mid-range segment has displays that refresh at 60, 90, and 120Hz.

It makes no sense to buy a terminal with a refresh rate lower than 90 Hz. This is if the user wants to have a smooth and fast browsing experience when updating content.

It is recommended that the screen of the new smartphone be updated at 90 or 120 Hz. Of course, if the purchase budget is generous, it is possible to see models with refresh rates higher than 120 Hz that obviously provide significantly better screen fluidity .

3. Storage

Currently, the high quality of smartphone cameras provide images and videos with a considerable size. On the other hand, everything we receive from our contacts on chat platforms also takes up considerable space in internal memory.

To make sure you’re not always deleting stuff on your smartphone, opt for 256GB of internal storage. In principle, this will be enough capacity to make a longer interval between the “cleaning” of images and installed applications.

4. Software updates

When choosing a new smartphone, it’s also recommended to see how many years of operating system and security updates each brand offers. This is a crucial element that dictates the useful life of each terminal.

Remember that Samsung offers four years of operating system and interface updates and five years of security updates. Xiaomi, for its part, offers two major updates to the operating system and three years when it comes to security.

5. Camera

Smartphones are replacing compact cameras when it comes to capturing the best moments to remember later. For that reason, you may want to pay attention to the optical specifications.

The chosen model must have a primary sensor and an ultra-wide angle sensor with good resolutions and a good focal aperture, so that they provide good quality images. Of course, models with a telephoto sensor are better, especially those that include optical zoom.

It must also be taken into account if the smartphone has software that improves its optical capabilities. This is always a welcome specification.

Of course, selfie fans should also take the resolution of the front sensor into account for the best possible results.

And these are the five crucial elements when buying a new smartphone. As for the budget, only you can define it.


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