Barcelona: Spanish police have arrested five people belonging to the terrorist organization ISIS.

According to foreign media, the Spanish police carried out operations against the suspects in two cities, Barcelona and Madrid, as a result of which five people have been arrested.

Police say four people have been arrested in Barcelona and one in Madrid, all of whom belong to the global terrorist organization ISIS.

Police identified one of the detainees as a group leader, identified as Sheikh. Police also recovered bullets, weapons and ammunition from Sheikh’s home.

According to police, the detainees are accused of providing support for terrorism in Iraq and Syria.

The operation was carried out by Spanish police following reports from the FBI, Europol, the Spanish secret service and the Algerian secret service.

Police say three of the detainees are Algerian nationals, while the nationalities of the other two are still unknown.

According to the police report, the group leader Sheikh has also been arrested in Turkey on charges of joining ISIS in 2016. After his release, Sheikh turned to Spain in March and started recruiting people for ISIS from here.



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