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5 series and movies that premiere this week

5 series and movies that premiere this week

This week five series and movies are released on streaming platforms that you cannot miss.

Netflix will be the service with the most premieres, including the documentary series on Jeffrey Dahmer that has already caused some controversy. But Amazon Prime and Disney + also have news.

1. Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes – Netflix

This three-part docuseries uncovers the story of one of the world’s most ruthless killers through never-before-seen audio interviews between Jeffrey Dahmer and his defense team, explores the killer’s twisted mind, and features Dahmer’s own accounts of the crimes he committed. .

It is being released now after having aroused some controversy due to its cold and harsh reality. It is not advisable for more sensitive minds.

2. Werewolf by Night – Disney+

It has the Marvel Studios brand and follows the story of Jack Russell who, thanks to a family curse, turns into a wolf at night. This part also explains the title of the movie.

But once he takes control of his wildest self, Russell becomes a hero whose goal is to fight the forces of evil. On his mission, he crosses paths with other heroes of the Marvel universe several times, which is an excellent plot point for fans of this genre.

3. The Midnight Club – Netflix

Here we follow the story of seven terminally ill young adults who are under the supervision of the Medical Director of Hospice Rotterdam. Every night at midnight, young people gather to tell each other horror stories.

Until one night they make a pact: when one of them dies, the others will try to establish communication with him beyond the grave. And, as expected, when one of the young people dies, mysterious events begin to happen.

4. Catherine called Birdy – Amazon Prime

This comedy, based on the homonymous book by Karen Cushman, has received excellent international reviews, which are no stranger to the performance of the protagonist Bella Ramsey, the brave Lyanna Mormont of Game of Thrones.

Lady Catherine, also known as Birdy, is a young 18th-century duchess who insists on resisting her father’s attempts to marry her off to a rich and powerful man. With many adventures in between, the young woman demonstrates her independence and determination in a time little given to this type of concept.

5. The Luckiest Girl Alive – Netflix

This film tells the story of Ani FaNelli, editor of The New York Times, who is about to marry the fiancé of her dreams. Everything is going well, until she is invited to participate in a documentary that recounts a shocking event that she experienced in her turbulent past.

Ani FaNelli, played by Mila Kunis, then has to face the whole truth that could endanger the perfect life she so aspired to and built.

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