5 Promising New Crypto Listings Binance and How You Can Invest Early From The Netherlands

Binance, one of the most famous cryptocurrency exchanges, is disappearing from the Dutch market because it has not been able to obtain a license from the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). As this is a requirement, Binance will cease operations in the Netherlands on July 17, 2023.

This article discusses how Dutch investors can now invest in the most promising new crypto that could potentially grow into the next Binance listings and how investors here can invest in this emerging crypto now that Binance itself is no longer available.

What is Binance?

Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. It has the highest trading volume of any exchange, despite only being founded in 2017. CEO Changpeng Zhao is now one of the richest people on earth. The platform allows users to buy, sell and trade a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.

With a user-friendly interface, Binance offers both beginners and experienced traders the opportunity to profit from the crypto market. In addition to the basic functions of an exchange, Binance also offers additional options such as staking, loans and savings accounts, which allow users to generate passive income from their crypto coins.

Binance in the Netherlands

With hundreds of thousands of users, Binance was the largest crypto exchange in the Netherlands. But the DNB was not happy with Binance. The company offered crypto services without a license in the Netherlands, while this is prohibited. The DNB has therefore previously imposed a fine of 3.3 million euros on Binance, but Binance is now no longer allowed to continue in the Netherlands.

Due to Binance’s huge customer base, they couldn’t just stop. That is why they have entered into a partnership with Coinmerce, a Dutch crypto platform. Unlike Binance, Coinmerce does have a license to operate on the Dutch market. But Coinmerce has not only taken over Binance’s customers, the Binance listings have also been transferred. These coins from Binance’s portfolio now ensure that the offer on Coinmerce has become a lot larger. Coinmerce aims to become the largest exchange in Europe through all these new customers.

Binance and Coinmerce now both have a wide range of crypto listings. But such Binance Listings are of course known, which will cause the price to rise enormously. The moment new coins arrive on the exchange, it actually means that investors who want to make a lot of profit quickly are too late.

It is therefore advisable to invest in promising crypto while they are still in presale. The coins are currently often a lot cheaper and there are many available. With any luck, the coin you invested in early on will later appear as a crypto listing on one of the world’s largest exchanges.

3 Promising New Crypto

Below, 3 promising new crypto coins are explained that are currently still in the presale phase. They are tokens that show potential to grow into the new binary listings.

These promising crypto are still small. Unlike established coins such as bitcoin and ethereum, these coins aim for a market cap of only a few million initially. In addition, these coins are available for a reduced price because they are only in the presale. These are the new crypto to keep an eye on:

  1. Mr. Hankey Coin ($HANKEY)
  2. Wall Street Memes ($WSM)
  3. Thug Life ($THUG)
  4. Arbitrum ($ARB)
  5. Verge ($XVG)

1. Mr. Hankey Coin ($HANKEY)

This coin is already much talked about on social media, and is only just starting its presale. People are even calling it the new PEPE coin. But how can this ‘shit coin’ be so popular? Mr Hankey uses the famous character from the TV series South Park in combination with a shitcoin to gain momentum.

These small crypto coins get a lot of attention when they go viral on social media. Instead of advertising very seriously, they try to get new customers in a funny way. And it works!

It is even speculated that the people behind $SPONGE and $PEPE, two of the most successful meme coins, are behind this project.

The presale is live since Thursday, July 13, and will release 400,000,000 $HANKEY coins for a hard cap of only $500,000 in total. This is 40% of the total number of tokens. This relatively low hard cap in combination with the expected FOMO will ensure that the coins in the presale sell like hot cakes.

Mr Hankey also kept 10% of the coins for marketing, 40% for liquidity on exchange listings and 10% for other things.

The goal behind this token is to sell a lot of tokens as quickly as possible in the presale and thus quickly build a community behind this shitcoin. At the moment it looks like that will work. So do you also want to invest in $HANKEY, while it’s still in the presale? Then use the button below to find out more.

>>> Buy $HANKEY here <<<

2. Wall Street Memes ($WSM)

The second promising new crypto is $WSM from Wall Street Memes. As the name suggests, $WSM is really a typical meme coin. meme coins are cryptocurrencies inspired by memes on the internet. They often have the branding of this meme, such as logos or names.

Unlike Mr Hankey, Wall Street Memes has been on presale for a while now. And not without success. Wall Street Memes raised more than $11 million in its first month. That has now risen to almost $15 million in a month and a half. This makes it one of the most successful crypto presales of this year.

What makes this meme coin so strong, among other things, is the huge community behind $WSM. A community of more than 1 million people has already formed on Twitter and other platforms, among others.

Wall Street Memes is just a small crypto coin right now, but the huge popularity it is seeing and the increasing numbers of coins sold means that it has the potential to become a Binance Listing in the future.

At the moment 1 WSM only costs $0.0316, but in a few days the price of this coin will go up to $0.0319. So be quick before the presale price goes up. Do you want to invest in this emerging meme coin? Then use the link below.

>>> Buy $WSM here <<<

3. Thug Life ($THUG)

The last promising crypto coin that will be discussed in this article is Thug Life, with the corresponding coin $THUG. Like Wall Street Memes, Thug Life is a meme coin that really focuses on its community.

Thug Life has only been live for a few weeks, but it already looks like the presale will sell out in no time. It ends when the hard cap is reached. It is $2.058 million at Thug Life, and this is almost reached.

Several experts have said that $THUG has the potential to double in value 100 times. This would potentially make it a crypto listing at, for example, Binance or Coinmerce. It is therefore advisable to invest in this coin while it is still profitable.

As mentioned before, Thug Life is a coin that really focuses on the community. The platform is inspired by the 80s movement in America, including Snoop Dogg. Because of this, the coin is now getting so much attention.

The entire presale accounted for 70% of the total number of tokens (4.2 billion), and only a small fraction is still available. So don’t wait and invest in this promising new crypto now before it’s too late.

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Other New Binance Listings: Arbitrum ($ARB) and Verge ($XVG) Trading Pairs Available July 14th

In addition to the best emerging crypto mentioned above, several new trading pairs of long-standing tokens will also be available on Binance as of July 14. It concerns the following pairs, which according to experts for Arbitrum and Verge are promising:

  • ARB/ETH,

Please note, because Binance stops offering crypto trading to Dutch customers, you cannot trade these tokens yourself at the crypto exchange. You will therefore have to look for an alternative.

There are also several crypto exchanges active in the Netherlands with a license from DNB, which therefore operate completely legally here and also offer various crypto coins. Visit their websites to find out all the trading pairs available.

You can also invest in one of the mentioned presales. These are freely accessible, anywhere in the world. You therefore have no problems finding a suitable exchange.

How Do I Find the Best Promising New Crypto?

The aforementioned top 3 emerging cryptocurrencies are currently not yet available on the major exchange platforms such as Binance and Coinmerce. As a result, they have not yet managed to attract the attention of the masses, which can work to their advantage for investors.

But how do you know which coins have potential and which coins do not, even before they are listed at a well-known cryptocurrency exchange?

For finding this promising new crypto it is therefore very important to keep an eye on social media. Many of these new meme coins are introduced on sites like Twitter or Reddit. There is often a link to the emerging crypto here, so that you come to the page of the token itself. There you can find information about the token, but also about the presale, tokenomics and the roadmap.

How Can I Invest From The Netherlands In Emerging Crypto Listings?

In the Netherlands, the cryptocurrency exchange Binance will be closed from July 13. But you will not find these emerging crypto coins on such large exchanges. These are not yet listed as crypto listings.

You can therefore choose to purchase such tokens in the presale. Via social media and experts you can make an assessment whether it is a promising crypto. But of course you never know for sure what it will do. These small coins can rise very quickly, but can also fall very quickly.

Another option is therefore to wait until it appears as a Binance listing on a global exchange. This does mean that the presale is over and tokens can no longer be bought for that very low price. On the other hand, it does give a bit more certainty about how the coin will do. In the Netherlands, the Coinmerce platform can now be used as a replacement for Binance, but according to Binance they are working hard to return to the Dutch market.

>>> Go to the Presale of the Most Promising Crypto of the moment <<<

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