5 keys to the success of PcComponentes

PcComponents was founded in Alhama (Murcia) in 2005 by Francisco Yúfera and Alfonso Tomás with an initial investment of 5,000 euros. The company has managed to position itself among the e-commerce most important nationally, being at the height of others in its sector such as Media Markt or Worten.

Who are its founders?

Alfonso Tomás was a computer science student who came from a humble family dedicated to the hospitality industry. In 2005 he set up PcComponente and his entire professional career has been linked to this company. Although he is on the board of directors of New Alternative Technologies and as partner and member of the selection committee of the startups invested in Auroral.

Francisco Yufera He graduated in Labor Relations and not much more is known about him. Yúfera has not granted interviews and has gone more unnoticed. What we can find is that he has 6 other companies apart from PcComponentes in the province of Murcia.

The beginnings of PcComponentes

PcComponents It was born as a physical store (it was initially called “Componentes y Periféricos”), because at that time online sales were something “strange” and suppliers did not serve products for companies that sold online. Although, this did not prevent its beginnings from being good, since «Sales at that time were made on impulse, and with the little marketing that was done in Google and the little competition, sales were almost all for us». At that time, social networks did not yet exist as we know them today.

Amazon didn’t exist either, but Alfonso Tomás, CEO and Co-Founder of PcComponentes once explained what “the fact of being strong when it entered (Amazon) allowed us to position ourselves better in the new market».

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Keys to success

Some of the keys that have allowed its growth are:

  • Own growth, without external investment aid

One of the characteristics that has allowed PcComponentes to get to where it is today is thanks to its ability to grow without investment aid. Something that the brand has achieved by continuously reinvesting its profits.

  • smart logistics

Logistics is one of the most important aspects in an e-commerce and the Murcian company has always had it very much in mind. For this reason, for some years they have had their own last-mile delivery algorithm, which allows them to constantly analyze delivery behavior to provide feedback on their logistics management.

  • Low prices and margins

Having low prices is always a reason to attract more consumers. In the case of PcComponentes, they were able to start using this strategy, because they were the only ones in their sector and could afford it.

  • Close treatment and advice

When it started, PcComponentes had technical products from the computer sector in its catalogue. This meant that from the outset they had to develop a personalized customer service system to help consumers choose the right product. This has also allowed them to create loyalty and have their own community.

Last year they started working with Aunoa, an artificial intelligence software that allows to automate more than 50% of queries, providing users with quick and efficient responses 24 hours a day. This technological solution is found on the PcComponentes website and in the WhatsApp application, allowing greater flexibility for the client.

Last but not least, in the beginning it offered technical products and little by little it expanded its catalog and included many more products. Currently, it has more than 30,000 references.

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