5 Free Crypto Christmas Gifts for Yourself That You Can Unwrap Today

Christmas is over, but that doesn’t mean the celebrations are over. New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and we are still in the middle of the holidays. There is still a Christmas spirit at Crypto Insiders: readers get five of them for free Crypto Christmas presents. These can be opened today but are still valid for a limited time. Below you will find a detailed list. So be quick and treat yourself to a few last Christmas presents.

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Get €20 free on crypto exchange Bitvavo

See you in the new year, dear readers of Crypto Insiders €20 sign-up bonus Join us when you create an account. This is awarded from a minimum deposit of €10. Additionally, the first €10,000 is traded with no transaction costs, which can make a significant difference. Has also Bitvavo an account guarantee, which insures you against theft up to €100,000.

Free Crypto Insiders Premium for one month

Crypto Insiders itself is also taking part in the celebrations. Attract readers Free Premium for one month. During the registration process we will ask for a confirmation of 2 cents. Our premium environment allows you to speak to a close circle of experienced crypto traders. You’ll also get access to live streams and analysis from our top analysts, and much more.

Christmas present 🎁 PostNL’s last Crypto Stamp 2 is still available in limited quantities for €9.25

Get €18 free on crypto exchange Bybit

The Netherlands’ most diverse crypto exchange, Bybit, also has a gift. Users will receive €18 worth of crypto as a gift after depositing at least €90. With a supply of more than 400 tokens, it is the largest on the Dutch market. In addition, Bybit also has a December deal: you can get one until December 31st $500 deposit, $50 crypto gift

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Rollman Mining: Get €500 off a miner

There is also a party at Rollman Mining. In collaboration with Crypto Insiders you get nothing less than €500 discount when purchasing a Bitcoin miner. A mining machine is perhaps the most stable Bitcoin investment. People get paid despite the Bitcoin price. At Rollman Mining, they do the mining for you and you don’t have to deal with a horrendous energy bill.

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Bonus: PostNL’s crypto stamp

Supplies are limited, so be quick. PostNL is giving away some of the rare crypto stamp vaults, the Rainbow Vault. Purchase a crypto stamp and enter the code you receive in the confirmation email on this page. We will announce the winners at the beginning of January.

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