5 digital trends that you will find on the Internet in 2023

Our day to day does not dispense with consulting online news, digital trends and the rumor on the Internet. It is a reality that few of us can escape.

By the way, if you read this article, then you are already part of the online “world”, but let’s get to what really matters. After all, what will be the main trends in the sector for 2023?

As the analysis and investigation agency progresses mobile adswe have at least five behaviors and trends growing in popularity, with real impact to change and create new habits in consumers.

They are, and will be throughout the year, good communication practices with the reader and potential consumer, crucial elements to convey a message and/or publicize a product.

2023 will bring a consolidation of the ongoing changes in online communication

digital trends

1. Retail Media: Retail companies become communication channels.

Retail companies are increasingly providing access to their Date of the first party by collaborating companies. In other words, using your digital channels to explore advertising opportunities.

In this way, retail companies can monetize their digital products and increase their revenue. This at the same time that collaborating companies can have more efficient and direct advertising with their audiences.

2. Third Party Date: Third party cookies will eventually disappear and consumer data will be a new challenge.

The inevitable end of cookies is already leading many advertisers to revise their DATA strategy to remain relevant to their consumers.

Thus, the challenge of understanding consumers and being truly relevant arises with increasing urgency.

For this, the challenge is to have relevant and actionable DATA available, so that they can implement, execute and optimize effective digital advertising campaigns.

3.DOOH: Out-of-home media is also going digital.

Outdoor media such as billboards, street furniture and other signage solutions must keep up with the need to go digital in order to more effectively reach target audiences and become increasingly interactive and relevant.

The message will no longer be static and the billboard follows this trend. Thus revealing its full potential through proximity and scale with the audiences it impacts.

4. AVOD: The way of watching television has changed and control of the content is in the hands of consumers.

With new technologies and new platforms, control of content has passed into the hands of consumers. They are the ones who define not only what they see, but also the place, the time and the screen on which they do it.

Advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) is therefore an opportunity for brands. That is, instead of paying to access the content they want by subscription, users can watch ads to access it for free.

5. Mobile games: a massive audience platform that is here to stay.

Currently, with more than 3.2 billion users worldwide, mobile games are the second most consumed category on the Internet after social networks.

Being present in mobile games is an effective way to reach consumers in a moment of attention, relaxation and availability typical of brands.

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