$5 Billion in Crypto Will Be Given Away by 2023: Biggest Airdrops Revealed

2023 was a remarkable year for the crypto industry and once again a large number of free tokens were given away.

We are talking about so-called Air drops. These are giveaways from crypto projects to reward loyal users and attract new users, especially during a bear market.

The 50 largest airdrops this year are estimated to have collectively distributed up to $4.6 billion worth of tokens to crypto enthusiasts. CoinGecko has listed the biggest airdrops of 2023.

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Arbitrum (ARB) airdrop: $1.97 billion

Arbitrum (ARB) is the top performer this year. It is a Layer 2 scaling network for Ethereum (ETH) for faster transactions and competes with projects like Polygon (MATIC) and Optimism (OP).

During the ARB token launch in March, the project distributed nearly $2 billion worth of ARB tokens. It is now the 45th largest cryptocurrency on the market.

Blur (BLUR) Airdrop: $818 Million

Then we have Blur (BLUR), a new NFT marketplace on Ethereum. Although the NFT market seems to be struggling, the launch of Blur created a lot of hype in the market.

By eliminating creation fees, it even turned the NFT market on its head and overtook OpenSea in trading volume.

This was largely due to two airdrops that gave away a total of $818 million worth of BLUR tokens.

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Celestia Airdrop (TIA): $728 million

The airdrop of Celestia (TIA), a modular blockchain project designed to make work easier for developers, was initially slow.

However, TIA price has increased by almost 500% in the last two months, putting it at the top of the list. TIA now has a market capitalization of $1.8 billion and is in the top 50.

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Jito (JTO) airdrop: $312 million

Jito, a DeFi platform on Solana (SOL), also made an impact with its airdrop. The total value of the JTO airdrop is $312 million, according to CoinGecko data. This is a sign that interest in DeFi is still high.

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Worldcoin (WLD) airdrop: $182 million

Finally we have the airdrop of the controversial Worldcoin (WLD) project. Worldcoin wants to introduce a universal basic income and build a system that can differentiate between artificial intelligence (AI) and real people.

The project aims to achieve this by scanning the eye’s iris, but this has raised privacy concerns. In exchange for scanning your eyes, users received WLD as airdrops. The project has now been stopped by authorities in several countries.

Although $4.6 billion in cryptocurrencies were given away via airdrops this year, that is less than in previous years. In 2020 and 2021 it was about $7.3 billion and in 2022 it was almost $7.5 billion. The three largest airdrops remain Uniswap (UNI), Apecoin (APE) and Dydx (DYDX).

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