5 big changes that we will see in the Apple iPhone 15

The presentation of the Apple iPhone 15 is getting closer. The month of September 2023 will announce the next generation of Apple cell phones, however, despite the fact that information leaks are quite rare, we already have some directions.

Rumors about the iPhone 15 are already multiple, but the truth is that we cannot be sure until its official presentation by Tim Cook at the end of summer. Still, several aspects that we can essentially take as likely at this point.

Various improvements are expected for the Apple iPhone 15

The latest leak shows us a protective case for the iPhone 15 Pro, comparing it with the current model, the iPhone 14 Pro. There we can see some subtle changes in the general format and the location of various components.

1. Goodbye Lightning port, hello USB-C

Apple iPhone 15

The next generation of Apple iPhone mobiles will use a USB Type C port, finally yielding the Cupertino giant to the impositions of the European Union. The measure has already been confirmed by the North American company through a statement from its vice president of marketing.

In short, this is probably the greatest certainty we have so far. On the other hand, accessories such as cables that want to take advantage of the best fast charging standards will have to pay for MFi certification (Made for iPhone). Only then will they work 100%, developing their full potential.

2. Notification Side Switch Changes

It’s probably a pretty accurate visual representation of the new volume and alert slider on the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro. How do you feel about such changes?#apple pic.twitter.com/467qsDhB0r

—Liandr (@tech_instigator) March 20, 2023

As we already have on the Apple Watch Ultra, which has a new action button that allows users to perform various tasks, it seems that the same will apply to the iPhone. Thus, we can not only control the sound profiles on the iPhone, but also turn on the flashlight, among other actions.

This same button, or a similar physical element, must be used on the iPhone 15 to allow the same thing as on the Watch Ultra: perform different actions.

That said, it is likely that this button will stop being a mere (and useful it is true) physical switch, present since the first generation of the cell phone, to become a capacitive button, or at least programmable to perform more functions on the cell phone.

3. Apple A17 Bionic Processor

Third, another certainty for the Apple iPhone 15 Pro (only for these Pro models) is the arrival of the new Apple processor. Apparently, it will follow the 3nm lithography against the current 5nm lithography like the A16 Bionic present in the iPhone 14 Pro models.

Thus, just like last year, only the most expensive models (Pro line) will be entitled to the new chipset manufactured in 3nm. In another tone, Apple will have opted for a more accessible manufacturing process as a way to reduce production costs. However, the A17 will present noticeable performance improvements for the user.

In summary, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models will use the A16 Bionic chipset at 5nm. The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Plus models will be entitled to the new A17 Bionic.

4. Sleeker and more robust titanium construction.

A supply chain report confirms that the bezels of the iPhone 15 Pro Max are made of titanium.#iPhone15 #iPhone pic.twitter.com/mprJ9ErcYy

— iGeeksBlog | #WWDC2023 (@igeeksblog) June 26, 2023

Rumors also point to a sleeker build for the iPhone 15 Pro, as well as the use of a new material, titanium instead of steel. This will increase the robustness of the phone, as well as its structural integrity, and may even reduce the weight of the mobile phone.

The user will thus be able to use the phone more comfortably, also noting a slight reduction in the already small margins of the Apple iPhone.

In addition, the possibility that the margins are somewhat more curved and not as straight and sharp as in the current generation, based on CAD drawings, is also noted.

5. Camera with 5x periscope optics on iPhone 15 Pro Max

Selongsong iPhone 15 Pro Max seperti dilaporkan oleh @MajinBuOfficial iPhone 15 Pro dan iPhone 15 Pro Max bakal dijana dengan A17 Bionic berteraskan 3nm menjadikan pemproses sangat berkuasa serta menjimatkan batari. pic.twitter.com/ke0bk5V3jm

— Xavier Naxa (@XavierNaxa) June 26, 2023

The iPhone 15 Pro Max, the biggest and most powerful of Apple’s upcoming iPhone models, could offer a new camera, now with more powerful optics. Apparently we will now have a 5x optical zoom capability.

It should be noted that current models have a maximum optical zoom of 3x, so this will already be a noticeable improvement. By the way, according to some sources this “jump” will be even more significant, reaching up to 6 times the optical magnification of the image.

Finally, now it’s time to wait for the official presentation of the iPhone 15 next September.

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