4gnews Podcast 297: all the news Apple MacBook and Mac Mini

4gnews Podcast 297: all the news Apple MacBook and Mac Mini

The 4gnews Podcast returns to deliver, in a few words and with wisdom, the main news from the world of technology spoken in Portuguese. In this issue we look at Apple’s recent surprise launches with new products in the computing field.

At stake are the new Apple MacBook Pro (now really Pro), as well as the much-needed makeover of Cupertino’s cheapest computers. We have new cheaper Mac Minis, from €729 in the official store in Portugal and more news!

You can listen to the latest edition of the 4gnews Podcast through Spotify, Google Podcasts or Apple Music, among other platforms. The highlight necessarily falls on the Cupertino releases with Apple M2 Pro and M2 Max processors.

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In audio format, we discuss the latest news from the technological world in Portuguese. Bruno Coelho in the company of Rui Bacelar, provide listeners with a concise and, as far as possible, useful and entertaining summary to punctuate this week.

On a weekly basis, sometimes with special editions to cover the most important releases -as is the case with this edition- we bring the news with the greatest impact for our noble format.

Apple introduces the new MacBook Pro with M2 Pro and M2 Max

apple macbook pro

First of all, we have the new professional laptops from the North American giant, now powered by the latest generation processors. They are, at the moment, the most powerful and expensive laptops of the North American giant.

On the other hand, Apple’s new laptops for professionals are identical to the models revealed at the end of 2021. That is, we have the same metal construction, the same screen with reduced margins and the notch, as well as the rest of the aesthetic features of its predecessors.

It is a design of continuity and respect for tradition, but inside it has several improvements. Please note that both laptops are already available on sale at the official store of the brand in Portugal. They begin to reach consumers from January 24.

All eyes are on the Apple M2 Pro and M2 Max processors

Apple M2 Pro

The highlight, of course, are the new Apple Silicon processors. Following the reveal of the M2 last June, we now know of its Pro and Max variants, intended for the company’s most advanced products.

Both potato chips they are built on 5nm lithography and, according to Apple, provide the best performance/efficiency ratio ever achieved by Apple. Thanks to them, the new MacBook Pros have up to 22 hours of autonomy, the highest value ever seen in this range.

Taking care of the M2 Pro first, it comes with versions of 10 or 12 CPU cores and up to 19 GPU cores. The result is a 20% increase in CPU and 30% GPU performance compared to the M1 Pro.

M2 max.

Second, looking at the M2 Max, it will be available in configurations with 12 CPU cores and up to 38 GPU cores. Also here we have performance jumps of 20% and 30%, respectively.

You can read all the coverage of the topic at 4gnews.

Mac Mini is better than ever, and also cheaper in Portugal

apple mac mini

The overall design of the new Mac Mini will not be unfamiliar to anyone familiar with this range of products. We have the traditional square box with metal construction that you can place near your monitor and peripherals.

However, Apple mainly focused its attention on the interior of the new generation of Mac Mini. This now comes with new generation processors, strictly speaking the M2 and M2 Pro.

mini mac

The best of all? This is the most affordable Mac Mini Apple has ever made. In fact, it will begin €729 for the version with the M2 processor If you choose the version with the M2 Pro, this product will start in €1,579.

Like the other products revealed by Apple today, orders can now be submitted on its official page. Presentations will begin on January 24.

mini mac

You can see all the news about the new Mac Mini at 4gnews. This was Apple’s first major product launch in early 2023, suggesting a potential refresh of the iMac lineup later in the year.

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