4gnews interview with Lenovo Portugal: “We want to be the first brand that the consumer thinks of”

Lenovo held a showcase to present its new family of notebooks and 4gnews was present at the event. The brand announced that it was the leader in the Iberian PC market, with a 28% share in 2022. Specifically in the Portuguese market, Lenovo had the same success with a 31% share in the laptop market last year.

4gnews took the opportunity to speak with António Paulo, Lenovo Portugal’s product manager, to learn about the brand’s objectives for the Portuguese market and what are the main challenges facing this company in our country. We invite you to read the exclusive 4gnews interview in its entirety below.

António Paulo, Product Manager Lenovo Portugal
António Paulo, Product Manager Lenovo Portugal

1. What are the main reasons that led Lenovo to make this new division, Savage and Stealth, in its line of laptops?

What we want is to associate the right product with the right consumer. And we believe that by having a wider range of products, we can meet more customer needs. We want to associate performance and correct use with customer needs.

This division comes precisely in the sense that we see that the world is changing very quickly. Increasingly there is a need for more content creation, but also a need for mobility and battery life.

In practice, we have to create a mixture of these two types of use so that, ultimately, the customer is satisfied. And this division arises in that sense, to better respond to the needs of different users.

2. Within this new division, what are the priorities for the Portuguese market?

I would say that it is having a good presence of our premium products, that is, having a good launch of the processors and graphics cards associated with our new Legion models.

The playground is very important to us because we have a very strong presence in the market and we are one of the leading brands in the world and also in Portugal. We are even recognized by players as a reference and we wanted to keep this close relationship with this community.

The second priority will be the community of content creators and therefore our launch of the Pro range in the Yoga series. We think we’re going to be very successful here and even the reviews we’ve had have been very positive. I would say that anything that involves performance and mobility in a more premium segment is a priority for Lenovo this year.

By the way, practically everything presented in this showcase is positioned in the premium segment.

3. Among the teams shown in this showcase, which ones could be better accepted in the Portuguese market?

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Usually, the cheaper the product, the bigger the market it has. I am confident that our Loq laptops will be very well received because they present a very good balance between technical characteristics and price; that is, we managed to have a good performance at an aggressive price.

4. What are the main challenges of the Portuguese market?

The fall. We are going through a very difficult year, in fact it is already being felt in the first three months. Still, Lenovo managed to overcome this market crash and grew a lot in share.

Let’s say we have a counter-cycle performance with the market. The market is falling and we are growing.

The forecast is that we will continue on this path of growth. And may these new releases also help us achieve better results. Above all, in the most premium segment, which is clearly a priority for us.

5. What are your main competitors here in Portugal and how can Lenovo stand out with these new devices?

Competition is fun. We joke internally that even Zara is our competitor, because the more money you spend on clothes, the less money there is for technology.

Our competitors are major computer brands, such as HP and Asus, each with their own characteristics. But what we want with this lineup is to be competitive with some in one segment and others in another segment.

Asus is recognized as a strong gaming brand and also a reference. During this time we managed, in part, to “steal” a bit of that prominence and associate ourselves quite well with the gaming public.

Therefore, I believe that our portfolio provides us with enough solutions to be competitive and have a leading position in whatever segment our competitors are in.

6. What are Lenovo’s expectations for the Portuguese market in the next five years? What are the objectives to be achieved?

The objective is to assume ourselves as a leader and benchmark. We want to be the first brand consumers think of when shopping for IT equipment, whether it’s a tablet, laptop or desktop.

We want to be the reference, but above all we want to do things well. We don’t want to be leaders for one month and then not for five or six months. We want to be stable because we believe that with stability and regularity in the market we can gain consumer confidence and the results will be noticeable.

Regarding the market, this year is expected to be more difficult. Next year, I think the market will pick up a bit and I am more optimistic.

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