40 people killed and 87 injured in a collision between two passenger buses in Senegal

40 people have been killed and 87 injured in a bus accident in the African country of Senegal.

According to a foreign media report, there was a terrible collision between 2 passenger buses in Senegal, as a result of which the number of dead has increased to 40 while at least 87 people have been injured in the accident and have been transferred to the hospital.

According to local rescue officials, preliminary investigations revealed that the accident occurred due to a burst tire of a bus, which collided with an oncoming bus.

The President of Senegal has declared 3 days of mourning in the country and promised to further improve road safety.

Traffic accidents are common in the African country of Senegal, but this accident is being described as the worst accident in recent years.

It may be noted that earlier in 2017, at least 25 people were killed when two buses collided.

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