4-year-old Australian woman found two weeks after her disappearance

She was missing on October 16, while camping with her parents in Western Australia. Cleo Smith was found in a locked house not far from where she had disappeared. The police investigation led them to “a private house” in Carnarvon, which the police forced entry at one in the morning to retrieve the girl.

A 36-year-old man with no family ties was arrested and questioned by police. The investigation had mobilized a hundred police officers, launched in land, air and sea searches. On a radio, Commissioner Blanch called the rescue “simply incredible”. ” It’s very rare. This is something we hoped for with all our hearts and it has come true ”.

“The girl is as good as we could hope for under such circumstances,” he added. She was taken care of by a medical team but was able to find her parents. “Our family is complete again,” said her mother, Ellie Smith, in a message accompanying a photo of her daughter posted on Instagram. Many Australians have expressed their joy on social media, as Cleo’s disappearance sparked great emotion in the country.

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