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4 series and movies that you cannot miss

4 series and movies that you cannot miss

Whether you’re on vacation or counting down the days to go on vacation, there’s nothing like spending your downtime watching this week’s premieres on the various streaming platforms.

This week we present four series and movies that will be released on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime that you cannot miss!

1. The Sandman – Netflix

The new Netflix series The Sandman is based on the DC Comics comic of the same name. The plot begins in 1916 when Morpheus, the king of dreams, is captured in an occult ritual.

After 106 years, he manages to escape from his prison and embarks on a journey through several worlds to recover his power and recover everything that was taken from him during his long period of captivity.

2. Carter-Netflix

According to the synopsis provided by Netflix itself, the film tells the story of “a man who wakes up with no memory and embarks on a rescue mission fraught with danger, while being guided by the mysterious voice of a device placed in his ear” .

This film is directed by Jung Byung-gil, a Korean director, and offers two hours and 14 minutes ideal for fans of a lot of action on the screen, in this case on the small screen.

3. Thirteen Lives – Amazon Prime

Directed by Ron Howard and starring Viggo Mortensen and Colin Farrell, Thirteen Lives is based on true events. More specifically in the international effort made to rescue the soccer team that was trapped in the Tham Luang cave, in Thailand, after an unexpected storm.

The film follows the team of divers and the Thai authorities in a very complex rescue that took place over 18 days and managed to save all the elements that were trapped, despite the fact that one of the Thai divers lost his life in the operation of bailing out. .

4. Industry Season 2 – HBO Max

The second season of Industry arrived on the HBO max platform on August 2 for all fans to once again immerse themselves in a universe of finance and banking.

Throughout eight episodes, we again follow Harper, Yasmin and Robert, who are now on a mission to drive new business and form alliances inside and outside their office, as well as take advantage of all the opportunities that have arisen in the world, after the COVID-19 Pandemic.



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