4 series and movies that premiere this week that you can’t miss

After last week brought us the debut of cult series like The Mandalorian, this week the pace slows down with only four of the relevant content reaching streaming platforms.

Netflix, once again, is the service that brings the most news, with the premiere of a new adventure by Luther, the stubborn British detective, brilliantly played by the well-known actor Idris Elba.

1. Luther: Nightfall – Netflix

After the series format led Luther to worldwide success, Netflix “transports” all the action to this film of just over two hours and with Idris Alba again as the protagonist.

John Luther, the stubborn British detective has fallen from grace and is serving a prison sentence. It all begins when the detective escapes from prison to “hunt” a dangerous and sadistic serial killer.

The film was well received by international critics, but it is not recommended for people more susceptible to violent content.

2. Your season 4 part 2 – Netflix

In the first part of the fourth season of You, the serial stalker Joe Goldberg, a professor of literature in London, is persecuted by a mysterious character, in a kind of “spell turned against the wizard”.

The first part ends exactly with Goldberg finding out who his pursuer is. The second part shows the consequences of this discovery, which is quite dramatic.

3. Chang’s Bet – Disney+

In this film, we follow Chang, a 16-year-old high school student, who decides to bet with the school’s basketball star that he can pull off an epic slam dunk before the last game of the season.

The entire plot of this story accompanies the 1.70 m young man who, with this bet, intends to win over his colleague Kristy -whom he is in love with-, but who will not only have to learn to “sink”, but also has to reflect on himself, on himself, on his family and on his friends.

4. Survive: get home

This new Netflix series, in the Survivor genre; Join 16 lone adventurers who must survive the harsh conditions imposed by the vast Alaskan wilderness.

At stake is a million dollar prize to be won by one of 16 lone wolves. But to win the money and the crown of the hardest, these adventurers will have to work as a team.

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