New content always arrives on streaming platforms, both in the form of series and movies.

We have selected four new contents that have just arrived on the main services and that you cannot miss!

Love, Death and Robots – Netflix

The third volume (or third season) of Love, Death and Robots, consisting of nine episodes, tells stories of marines hunting aliens, fishermen fighting beasts, angry rats, and other fictional ailments.

The new episodes are produced by different studios, as well as by different directors. The result: creativity is pushed to the limit to tell action-packed stories that involve moments of violence, magic, and even love.

Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers – Disney+

In the new movie available on the Disney+ platform, the two detective chipmunks live very different lives from their glory days as TV stars. Chip is now an insurance salesman, while Dale works on the convention circuit.

But when a former colleague from the old TV series mysteriously disappears, the two chipmunks return to the role of intrepid detectives to find their friend and restore their friendship so private and fun.

Night Sky – Amazon Prime

The new series Night Sky has eight episodes and arrives on the Amazon streaming platform, very discreetly, despite promising good ratings.

The story centers on Irene and Franklin York, a seemingly ordinary couple whose home houses a secret portal to a distant planet. The couple managed to keep the portal hidden for almost a decade, but the arrival of a curious young man changes everything and the story begins.

George Carlin’s American Dream – HBO Max

This documentary, now available on HBO Max, is a two-part retrospective on the life of comedian George Carlin.

Carlin is considered one of the most important and influential comedians and, in 1975, he hosted the first episode of the iconic show Saturday Night Live.


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