4 essential qualities to work at Apple according to Tim Cook

Tim Cook, current CEO of the Cupertino giant, inherited a successful company after the death of its iconic founder, Steve Jobs. For his part, Cook has made Apple the most valuable company in history, with his products influencing every aspect of the tech world by 2022.

Unsurprisingly, Tim Cook deserves to be among the best managers in the world. The company’s current CEO is a master of international management, skills now recognized by the University of the Study of Naples Federico II which bestowed one of its highest academic honors and accolades on the Apple strongman.

Tim Cook was named one of the best managers in the world for his work at Apple

“Insieme saremo in Grado di creare un futuro migliore” Laurea honoris causa to Tim Cook in Innovation and International Management@tim_cook #timcooktunina #timcook #unina pic.twitter.com/Fate1hiLWV

– Unina Federico II (@UninaIT) September 29, 2022

“We have a group of people in the company who really want to change the world. They really want to enrich people’s lives. They long to leave this world a little better than they found it.” pointed Tim Cook during his speech in the gym.

The CEO of Apple had the opportunity to address the students of the academy in question and mention some of the qualities that he most values ​​in new workers. That is, these features include the collaboration, creativity, curiosity Y competition in a certain area of ​​knowledge.

1. Cooperation as Apple’s core value

Tim Cook says that cooperation is an essential characteristic and competency for anyone who wants to work for Apple. This quality is exactly what the company needs to develop new products and create solutions. For Apple it is one of the pillars of its strategy.

“We (Apple) believe that strong individual contributions are key, but that two strong people work better and can achieve amazing things. Also, small teams can accomplish and do amazing things when they work together toward a common goal,” said Cook. .

2. Creativity within Cupertino technology

Working for Apple requires creativity. This is the only way to achieve new solutions for emerging and future problems and needs, an attribute highly valued by the North American company.

“We are looking for people who think differently. That they contribute something new to the sector and to the discussion. They are people who are able to look at a problem from another angle and resolve blockages, dogmas and obstacles to innovation and development”, said Genial.

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“In addition, we are always looking for someone who brings new perspectives to the table and brings their own perspective to the creative effort,” the executive added.

3. Curiosity, or lack of mental laziness

Whenever you don’t know the answer to something, ask. You, someone, seek to know. Don’t let them think for you, or put the answers in front of you. There are no wrong questions or inconvenient questions. Don’t be conniving with him. conventional.

Therefore, if Apple detects the “thirst” for knowledge and the innate curiosity of a candidate, the chances of being hired grow exponentially.

“Curiosity has to do with the fact that someone asks a lot of questions, whether they’re wise questions or dumb questions. It’s amazing when someone starts asking questions, like a child. The pressure this puts on adults is immense, forcing them to do it”. , in turn, to respond, remember, investigate and deepen their own knowledge. That is why we look for people with an innate and curious mind”.

4. Deep knowledge of a particular area

The call expertise, or domain of a specific competence or area. It is not enough to be good at something, it is necessary to be the best, or incredibly dedicated to an objective, to an area of ​​knowledge that we want to deepen, that we are working on and improving.

This is where not only education comes in, which we bring from home and academic training, but also previous work experience, exposure to different realities, overcoming difficulties. In short, all the baggage that defines not only our career but also our character and person.

“If we’re doing something related to industrial design, we need someone who knows industrial design in depth. Someone with a wide and deep range of skills in that same area. A set of Know how and the skills acquired at home, at school, at university, in the job market,” said Tim Cook.

The Apple strongman revealed that these are the four parameters that govern the selection process for new candidates and workers within Apple.

“People work for a purpose greater than themselves,” Cook said. “That is why it is important that the company’s vision is focused on the needs of consumers and, in one way or another, on how we can improve their lives. It is something we want to do every day, complying with the dictates of ethics.”

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