4 days free transit visa, great news from Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia has introduced a 4-day free transit visa.

According to the details, Saudi Arabia has introduced a free 4-day transit visa for passengers traveling by certain airlines.

Arab News According to Saudi Arabia has introduced a new free visa policy for those traveling on Saudia Airlines and FlyNAS Airlines.

A four-day free transit visa will be issued to persons wishing to visit the country for tourism or Umrah, while the visa will be issued with tickets, valid for 3 months.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia has launched an electronic service in this regard on Monday, under which travelers stopping in the kingdom will be able to obtain entry visas. A transit visa for a ‘stopover’ will allow entry into Saudi Arabia for those wishing to perform Umrah, visit the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah, or tour the Kingdom.

The stopover visa will allow travelers to stay in the Kingdom for up to 96 hours, and visitors will have the opportunity to see more of Saudi’s unique historical, cultural and spiritual sites than ever before.

The new service became effective from Monday and passengers can apply for transit visas through the electronic platform of Saudia Airlines and Flynas.

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