4 apps to follow the Russia 2022 World Cup live

4 apps to follow the Russia 2022 World Cup live

Qatar 2022 has already started and today the team takes to the pitch at 4:00 p.m. This is not the most convenient time to follow the game live, so there is nothing better than having an app so you don’t miss every action.

We have selected 4 applications that provide the main information about the games in progress, in real time. But they also give you statistics, interviews with key players in the games, and much more. Everything is just a click away…

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Fot Mob App

Compatible with Android and iOS, FotMob follows the games live and provides all the statistics related to the matches. It is always up to date and notifies users of goals scored in real time.

Better: Allows users to customize incoming notifications to receive specific information about their preferred teams and players.

All football – Results and news

All football app

This app follows all 64 games in the world competition, reports scores, analyzes games and even shows player interviews.

It also provides statistics about the games played, the players and also the teams. Information about the match schedule and the classification of each team is always available.

live football tv app

live football tv app

It is available for the Android and iOS universe and handles all official game broadcasts, whether in video or audio mode. It provides live results, but includes the option to hide these notifications, in case the user wants to watch the game later.

Follow this World Cup 2022, of course, but also the Portuguese League, the Champions League, the Europa League, the Premier League, the Budesliga and all the other European championships in progress.

world cup results

world cup results app

As the name suggests, this application gives you the live results of the football matches that take place in this world championship. It also has a schedule of all matches.

Send notifications at the start of each game, which can be very useful, and also alerts for each goal scored.


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