The number of decentralized applications on Polygon has now exceeded 37,000. This number has already increased by 400 percent in 2022. The Polygon team shared these promising stats on August 10 in a new blog post. It does indicate that the number is a sum of all applications that launched on the mainnet and the testnet.

11,800 active teams on Polygon

Not only the number of decentralized applications on the Polygon blockchain is going like a rocket. The number of teams actively working on applications for Polygon is also impressive. At the end of July, according to the Polygon team, 11,800 different teams were working on projects on the blockchain. That marks an increase of 47.5 percent compared to March. That increase comes as no surprise, given that Polygon has taken over a lot of projects from the fallen Terra.


Immediately after the collapse of Terra, Polygon started a charm offensive to convince projects from the Terra ecosystem to make the switch to Polygon. We succeeded, because the number of applications and teams active within the ecosystem has exploded. Interestingly, 74 percent of the applications run exclusively on Polygon and 26 percent have launched on both Ethereum and Polygon.

Collaboration with Alchemy bears fruit

Polygon entered into a partnership with Alchemy in June 2021 and that turns out to be a bull’s eye. The number of decentralized applications has exploded in the following months. In October there were 3,000 applications, in January that number had already increased to 7,000, in April it was 19,000 applications and now Polygon has more than 37,000 applications.

It is therefore no surprise that MATIC, the token of Polygon, is going through an extremely good period. In the past month, MATIC has increased in value by 66.3 percent and currently the project is valued at $0.9489 per token. Polygon has a market cap of 7.6 billion dollars and is in 13th place in the top 100 largest projects.