The crypto market has been hit hard in the past week. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple have all suffered significant losses of over 35%. But these unfortunate circumstances have not stopped experts from making favorable predictions about Ripple’s XRP token.

Experts Expect Major Ripple Price Rise

Indeed, a group of 36 experts wrote in a recent report that regardless of the current market crash, the XRP token will rise to a high of $2.55 by the end of the year. The experts point out that the outcome of the lawsuit against the SEC will largely determine Ripple’s price. If this works out well for Ripple, the price of its XRP token could well rise. According to the experts, a win for Ripple could push the XRP token to $2.55.

Unfortunately, given Judge Analisa Torres’ change to the recently published joint timetable, it is not certain that the trial will end this year.

Apart from the forecast for this year (2022), the group of analysts also provided their price forecast for XRP for the years 2025 and 2030. According to the experts, the XRP price will be around $3.61 in 2025 and will rise further to $4.98.


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