32 games and apps too good to be free on the Google Play Store

In time for the weekend, we will publish the latest list of applications. cousin, temporarily free for Android. These are the best apps that you can now install on your tablet or smartphone, without paying, all through the Google Play Store.

Since the respective developers and studios have decided to include them at a bargain price, this is the best time to restock installed games and apps. By the way, it’s a good time to start enjoying your days off with this great list of apps!

Then, to make it easier to read, we’ve divided all the temporarily free content into three sections. So you will find productivity apps first, then the various Android games, and finally the personalization apps.

General purpose applications for Android

You can first find the various general utility apps for Android devices. This week we have, first of all, voice recording applications, ideal for making small notes, recording some extracts or sharing audios.

We also find the Auslan Tutor, of great value, as well as the Unit Lab, a powerful unit converter that always has its captive place in this author’s smartphone. Also, there are other apps above that you can explore to get the most out of your Android tablet or smartphone.

With that said, check out the list and as needed install as many as you like via the Google Play Store without paying.

Games to install on an Android smartphone

  1. ABC Dinos Full Version – costs € 2.29 – free for 2 days
  2. Asterogue (sci-fi roguelike) – costs € 2.99 – free for 4 days
  3. Cyber ​​Fighters: League of Cyberpunk Stickman 2077 – costs € 0.49 – free for 4 days
  4. Stories: Your Choice (Interactive Novels) – costs € 3.69 – free for 4 days
  5. Tap Legend Premium: Hero Fight Offline – costs € 0.59 – free for 4 days
  6. 2048 Puzzle Game – costs € 3.29 – free for 5 days
  7. Cooking Love Premium: cooking game, restaurant – cost 0.99 – free for 5 days
  8. Isometric squares – puzzle ² – costs € 1.49 – free for 5 days
  9. King of Defense Premium: Offline Tower Defense – costs € 2.99 – free for 5 days
  10. WindWings: Space shooter, Galaxy attack (Premium) – costs € 1.99 – free for 5 days
  11. Stickman League 2020- Ninja Arena PVP (Dreamsky) – costs 0.59 – free for 6 days
  12. Peppa Pig theme park – costs € 3.49 – free for 6 days
  13. Superhero Fruit Premium: Robot Wars Future Battles – costs 0.59 – free for 6 days
  14. Junior Premium Superheroes: Robo Fighting – costs 0.59 – free for 6 days
  15. Wonder Knights PV: Shmup Non-Stop Action RPG – costs 3.69 – free for 6 days
  16. Ball reach – costs 0.59 – free for 7 days
  17. Dungeon Corp. SUPER (An automatic harvesting game!) – costs € 1.49 – free for 7 days
  18. Space Shooter: Attack on the Galaxy (Premium) – costs 0.59 – free for 7 days
  19. Sword Knights: Idle RPG (Premium) – costs 0.59 – free for 7 days
  20. Retro Pixel Classic – costs 0.79 – free for 7 days
  21. Retro Pixel: hardcore platformer – cost 0.99 – free for 7 days
  22. Spikes are the enemy – costs 0.49 – free for 7 days
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Second, we present the selection of paid games, temporarily free for Android. It is a great list whose synopsis of each game can be found in the respective list in the Google Play Store. There you can also see the score given to each of these titles, as well as more information about each content.

However, you have a wide selection of shooting games, the shooters, as well as various character building games, also known as RPGs. You also have puzzle games, platform games, and stunt games. You will also have puzzle titles, among other categories.

All these Android games were paid for, but now you can download them without paying through the Google Play Store.

Personalization apps for Android

  1. Light Tosca – Icon Pack – costs € 0.99 – free for 6 hours
  2. Cuticon Drop – Icon Pack – costs € 1.49 – free for 2 days
  3. Xperia Theme – Floating Squares – costs € 0.99 – free for 4 days
  4. Falling Flowers Red – Live Wallpaper – costs € 0.99 – free for 7 days

Closing this list we show you some customization applications for your Android tablet or smartphone. They are simple applications that can change the appearance of the predefined system icons, as well as some animated wallpapers.

Lastly, if you want more apps, you can find some that are still free in the old version, but hurry up!

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