31 people died in India after drinking poisoned liquor

In the Indian state of Bihar, 31 people died after drinking poisonous liquor.

According to the police officials, several people died after drinking poisonous alcohol in Patna, Saran district, the capital of the Indian state of Bihar.

People affected by drinking alcohol were being shifted to the hospital when vomiting started and many of them died on the way.

According to senior police officer Santosh Kumar, several people are undergoing treatment in the hospital who have lost their sight due to the toxic alcohol.

After the incident, the police started a crackdown against illegal liquor shops in the area in which 126 accused were detained during the last 48 hours while two cases were also registered.

According to the Indian authorities, the sale of alcohol has been banned in Bihar since 2016, while the sale of alcohol has been banned in other states of India after the incidents of deaths due to drinking poisonous alcohol.

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