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300 migrants missing at sea on their way to Spain

Migrants cross the sea in these boats to Spain's Canary Islands - file photo/Reuters

Three boats with at least 300 migrants have gone missing en route to Spain’s Canary Islands.

This information was given in a report by the Reuters news agency on Monday, citing an aid organization.

The aid organization Walking Borders said on Sunday that the migrants from Senegal were crossing the sea in three boats to Spain’s Canary Islands. There is no trace of the boats and passengers.

Two of the three boats have been missing for 15 days after leaving Senegal for Spain, Walking Borders activist Helena Maleno told Reuters. Among them, there were about 65 people in one boat and 50 to 60 people in another.

He said that the third boat left Senegal on June 27 with about 200 passengers.

Maleno said that their family members have not been able to communicate with the passengers since they left for Spain by boat.

He said all three boats left from Kafountain in southern Senegal, which is 1,700 kilometers from Tenerife. Tenerife is an island in the Canary Islands.

Family members of the missing migrants are worried, Maleno said, noting that the nearly 300 migrants on the boats are all from the same area of ​​Senegal. Due to the unstable situation in Senegal, they traveled by sea to Spain in the hope of a better life.


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