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3 Zaragoza favorites replace Julio Velázquez

Nobody in Zaragocismo is convinced of the work of the Salamanca coach, who has been given an ultimatum while Cordero brings together several candidates for the bench

Real Zaragoza’s sporting situation is becoming more and more worrying and the one who was supposed to be the solution was never Julio Velázquez. The Salamancan arrived at the white entity on November 20th in the hope of erasing the memory of Fran Escribá, but so far he has not succeeded.

Your balance is pretty questionable and time is running out. Of the 11 games Velázquez officiated, he won three, drew five and lost three. A performance that is not enough for him to stay in this position. However, the general management gave the Castilian-Leonese coach one last chance, but at the same time also collected options for the substitutes’ bench.

EGD Zaragoza
Of the three options that Juan Carlos Cordero considers, that of Álvaro Cervera is the one that wins the most within Zaragozism.

Zaragoza’s first opportunity to relieve Julio Velázquez

There are three names on Cordero’s agenda at the moment, but there is one that stands out from the rest. This is Álvaro Cervera, a well-known coach at Cádiz CF and CD Tenerife. The Equatorial Guinean was off the bench for five months when he left Real Oviedo, where he was a 40-game manager.

The Malabeño coach’s best references come from the Cadista club, where he worked for more than five years. During this time he managed to get the club promoted to the first division and his overall record is 258 games with 99 wins, 84 draws and 76 defeats. In short, the coach best suited to man the big team’s bench.

Zaragoza’s two remaining options to sack Julio Velázquez

It is true that Cervera tops the list, but he is not the only one, because next comes the name José Luis Martí. His career as a coach is shorter, but no less interesting. He has played for teams such as Tenerife, La Coruña, Girona, Leganés and Sporting de Gijón. His playing philosophy is and remains to prioritize the offensive part.

Finally we have Paco López and the Valencian does not occupy this position because he is less effective than the previous ones. This is the last alternative as the Sillero is a priority option for Levante UD, who released Javi Calleja. While Cordero and the Zaragoza board come to an agreement, Julio Velázquez faces two tough tests against Villarreal B and Amorebieta, in which he must score 6 out of 6 points.

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