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3 radical decisions by Luis de la Fuente that are infuriating FC Barcelona

Although the Spanish national team achieved the main goal of qualifying for the next edition of the European Cup and thus came first, the price paid for this is borne by the culé team.

The Spanish national team secured first place in Group A of Euro 2024 qualifying and Luis de la Fuente couldn’t be happier, as could the FC Barcelona players. In this case, the following players were selected for the final rounds against Cyprus and Georgia: Lamine Yamal, Iñigo Martínez, Gavi and Ferran Torres.

It should be a source of pride for every club in the world that the national team has called up one of their players. This means that its level and performance are above expectations, while at the same time its price is increasing in the market. But this time Barcelona think the opposite and believe Luis de la Fuente is attacking Xavi and Laporta’s plans.

Luis de la Fuente Barcelona
In this double and final day of qualifying, Lamine Yamal and Gavi had a lot of minutes, regardless of the hardships they had with Barcelona.

Luis de la Fuente is adding to the wear and tear on FC Barcelona’s players

La Roja has secured its ticket for the European tournament for a few days and has been close to first place in the last few days. This means that the finals against the teams from Cyprus and Georgia did not have much significance. However, they were so relevant for the Rioja coach that he brought in his best people.

In this case, players like Yamal and Gavi had a lot of minutes between last Thursday and yesterday. Everyone thought it was an opportunity to make way for new faces like Sancet, Aleix García, David García, Remiro, etc. But the only thing De la Fuente did was contribute to the wear and tear of those footballers who already had a contract with their clubs.

In the past, Pedri was the victim of Luis de la Fuente

Young players have always been at the forefront of the Rioja coach’s criteria when it comes to drafting footballers. Given his leadership of the U-18, U-19, U-21 and U-23 teams, this was understandable. But since taking charge of the seniors, he continues to do so, regardless of the attrition they suffer at their respective clubs.

A clear example was the last edition of the Tokyo Olympics, where La Rojita reached the final but failed to win it. Pedri was one of the players with the most playing minutes, which led to him coming to FC Barcelona with certain physical problems. Today the same thing could happen for Lamine Yamal or Gavi, but Xavi prays that won’t be the case.

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