After 20 hours of binational search for a baby between Sonora, Mexico, and Arizona, United States, the Sonora prosecutor’s office arrested three women accused formally of the femicide of the mother and the theft of the 44-day-old newborn, who appeared safe and sound.

Claudia Indira Contreras, head of the Attorney General’s Office in Sonora, explained at a conference that the suspects they gained the trust of the baby’s mother and grandmother in a supermarket, where they offered to take them to their home in Nogales (Sonora), a municipality on the border with Nogales (Arizona).

“The probable perpetrators are three women who approached the victims to build trust, then brought them food.They entered the home, tied up the grandmother and the mother, beat themThey tied up and took the baby away. The grandmother survived, but she is injured, her mother died of suffocation and had many blows, “the prosecutor reported.

The 44-day-old baby Alison Guadalupe, was taken from the home.

There in the house, the 33-year-old mother Adriana was left lifeless, presumably murdered by suffocation and beatings, according to the autopsy and the testimony of the grandmother.

The suspects allegedly drugged them to make them lose consciousness.

“Since dawn on Saturday, May 7, the Amber Alert was activated, requesting the support of the community to locate this little girl, an alert that was also issued nationally and in the United States,” added the prosecutor.

The search actions were carried out by land and air in Mexican territory, and with surveillance along the entire border with the collaboration of the United States Consulate General in Nogales and the United States Customs and Border Protection Office.

The prosecutor stated that the suspects attempted to cross into the United Statesalthough they did not have all the necessary documents, so they were denied entry.

The baby was recovered safe and sound at dawn in the border city of Agua Prieta, Sonora, which borders Douglas in Arizona.

The Ministerial Agency for Criminal Investigation announced that the crime of femicide is being recorded in the judicial file because in Sonora all murders of a woman like this are punished, with maximum sentences of up to 70 years.

In this criminal case there are the aggravating factors of brutal ferocity, defenseless victims and the trust sought by the alleged perpetrators.

In Mexico there are very few trials where a woman is accused of femicide, because the Federal Penal Code establishes this crime when there are gender reasons.

But according to the Law of Sonora in its article 263 BIS 1, any murder against a woman is considered a femicide when there are certain aggravating circumstances, in addition to the fact that the suspects would also be prosecuted for child trafficking



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