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3 key renewals of Real Zaragoza to dream of promotion

The three movements in three different areas that the club intends to close this week

A few days ago there was talk of several outings in the Royal Saragossabut now it is the turn for the renovations. in the folder of Juan Carlos Carcedo 3 appear at the moment, which the Riojan coach has classified as very important. One is in defence, the other in midfield and finally one up front.

In that order we speak then of the ex-canteranos Alexander French, Franco Serrano and Ivan Azon. For the new coach there are three super fundamental pieces since this guarantees the Balance throughout the sports field. They are three players who stand out for being the best in their position, and they are also three homegrown players.

Zaragoza renovations
Francho Serrano, Alejandro Francés and Iván Azón, the three renewals that Zaragoza urgently needs.

The renewals of Zaragoza that are close to signing

According to several sources close to the Blanquillo club, the sports management has practically closed the renewals of Francho Serrano and Iván Azón. Both players had contracts signed until 2024 and have extended their stay at La Romareda for many more seasons, although without specific details.

In the case of the midfielder, the youngster spent 2,191 minutes spread over 32 games where he scored 2 goals and 1 assist. Regarding injuries, on March 10 he had a fiber rupture that took him out of competition for 5 games. On the other hand, Iván Azón played 1,557 minutes in 37 games in which he scored 7 goals and provided 2 assists. This course only had some muscle ailments that left him 2 days without competing, nothing serious.

There is still work for Zaragoza in the pending renewals, for example that of Alejandro Francés

The renewal of the defender is not as advanced as that of the midfielder or the striker. The part of tranquility is that the defender has already confirmed that he is staying and does not intend to listen to other offers, even if they come from LaLiga Santander. His commitment is clear and his goal of moving up is his passion.

Alejandro Francés is the most valuable player in the squad with a base price of 5 million euros, and it would be a shame if the sports management let him lose. Like the defender, he has a contract until 2024, but Raúl Sanllehí thinks that the renewal is key more than anything to place a very high clause on his pass. Currently it is only 10 million euros.

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