3 forced departures from Real Zaragoza to sign Jaime Mata

From the box hand they value the signing of the Getafe striker

The Royal Saragossa is still looking for troops for the next season and considers for its offense the signing of Jaime Mata. The attacker who will be 34 years old He is not clear about his future with the azulón team and that is why he is considering the offers that have come from the Second division.

Let us remember that this ‘9’ has lost a lot of ground with the passing of the seasons. Today is a discard for the squad Quique Sanchez Flores, so you want to gain relevance again. Given this, some proposals have arrived, but the one from the hands seems quite interesting.

Joselu Alaves
Jaime Mata, goal of Zaragoza

There are 3 exits that Zaragoza prepares to accommodate Jaime Mata

In this way, Jaime Mata would be closer to Real Zaragoza, but for this to happen, several players from the Blanquillo team will have to leave. It is a movement that must take place in the sports management of the club, since they have to release salary mass to undertake a new operation.

In spite of everything, it is clear that the striker will have to lower his salary somewhat. This will also allow the negotiations to be much more calm and uncomplicated in a market close that would be full of surprises. Of course, first they will have to say goodbye to three players who do not count for Juan Carlos Carcedo.

A midfielder and two forwards would be the departures of the La Romareda club this market

The first move that Real Zaragoza will have to make to sign Jaime Mata is to determine Petrovic’s departure. This defensive midfielder is not considered by the coach and has been asked to find a new destination. It is the same case of Gaizka Larrazabal, who they would look for a transfer, since it has not finished exploiting. A sale would be the best case scenario for the 24-year-old winger.

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Finally, the last footballer to leave will be Juanjo Narváez, a forward who promised a lot, but who faded away. He has a great poster and this would not be a problem for the maños, since there are some interesting proposals for the Colombian. The three that are on the exit ramp represent 1 million euros, so their departure would be key to the arrival of Mata.

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