3 core values ​​of humanity in the 21st century according to Cardano founder

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of proof of stake (PoS) network Cardano (ADA), has recently spoken out on some of the most important human developments of the 21st century. In his view, at least some of these things could change humanity forever in the future.

Artificial intelligence and quantum computing

It’s not exactly a surprise that artificial intelligence (AI) is on Hoskinson’s list. Especially today, the world is under the spell of technology. According to Hoskinson can AI ensure exponential growth of technology in the, possibly near, future.

“The superpower of this second brain is that it can access the internet, and it’s also recursive, which means it trains itself, so GPT-4 trains GPT-5, and GPT-5 trains GPT-6, and every time for it to do so, it gains exponential possibilities. You have exponentially growing technology that can create new knowledge and new insights.”

Also the arrival of quantum computing can catapult humanity to new heights according to Hoskinson. Especially if you eventually combine this groundbreaking technology with AI. The possibilities are endless according to Hoskinson.

Blockchain technology

Of course, the list isn’t complete without it blockchain adding technology, which is exactly what Hoskinson has done. According to him, the previous technologies are capable of creating “a new world order”, but this world order will have to be provided with rules.

That’s where blockchain technology comes in:

“So there’s really no lack of compliance and punishment, where and when you can do this sort of thing. And that’s the superpower of blockchain technology – it lives in that space of a synthetic law of nature where it can take things we’d like, encode them in just the right way, and then all of a sudden make those things immutable.”

Hoskinson did not say how he would like to place his Cardano network in this whole, but he will undoubtedly hope that Cardano as a network will play an important role in the future of humanity as a whole in the 21st century.

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