3 cheap Ugreen products ideal to take on vacation

August is the Christmas scene for many and there are gadgets that we cannot leave behind. The smartphone is one of them, and many end up taking their tablet, smartband or action camera to remember the best moments.

As the goal is to carry as few accessories as possible in the suitcase, in this article I bring you three products that I take with me on vacation. They are from the Ugreen brand, of recognized quality, and can be essential to take with you on your days off.

Ugreen 65W Quad Port Charger

If you are looking for a unique charger for your vacation, this is the one. With a maximum power of 65W, this charger allows you to charge up to four devices simultaneously.

Ugreen USB-C to USB-C Cable

Ugreen universal table stand

It has three USB-C ports, compatible with Power Delivery up to 65W. It also has a USB-A port, capable of charging up to 22W. It can be used to charge your Android, iPhone, MacBook or Nintendo Switch without any problem. For € 39.99 it is a very appetizing product.

Learn about pricing and shipping for the Ugreen 65W Charger


If you already have only USB-C products, carrying just one cable is a good option. This Ugreen cable has a starting price of € 7.99 and allows you to charge your equipment with Power Delivery of up to 60W.

It is available in 50 cm, 1 meter, 2 meter and 3 meter versions. With a construction in nylon ensures stability and durability.

Learn more about pricing and shipping for the Ugreen USB-C to USB-C cable

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