27 (good) premium apps temporarily free on the Google Play Store

Weekend is the best time to relax and enjoy online and offline games on our Android tablet and smartphone. It is a good time to renew the range of Android applications and enjoy some of the best apps premium now free on play store.

With that in mind, we have put together a varied list of some of the best paid Android apps that, for a limited time, you can install without paying on your Android phone. Thanks to the “freebies” implemented by the respective developers, this is a unique opportunity.

Below you can find the list with the contents that are now free and keep in mind that the offers will not last forever. By the way, depending on the date you are reading this content, some of the apps may have been paid again. Information not always disclosed by the responsible developer or studio.

In any case, we believe that you will find valuable options in this list of paid apps, temporarily free, for your Android tablet or smartphone. Please note that all apps are listed on the Google Play Store for safe installation.

Productivity and Personalization Apps for Android

  1. SkanApp – PDF book scanner | Free – €19.99
  2. 500X Game Booster and GFX Pro | Free – 0.19 euro
  3. 80s Music Radio Pro | Free – 0.59 euro
  4. professional reminder | Free – €3.89
  5. Black Army Sapphire Icon Pack | Free – €1.49
  6. Memorize: Learn Thai Words | Free – €5.99
  7. Professional workouts at home | Free – 1.89 euro
  8. Astra VPN – Fast and Secure VPN | Free – 2.09 euro
  9. Equalizer and Bass Booster Pro | Free – 2.59 euro
  10. Equalizer Music Player Pro | Free – 2.59 euro
  11. 3D Knots (3D Knots) | Free – €6.99

First, we have a short list of apps to make your Android smartphone more useful. They are, above all, productivity applications, with tools for exercising, free VPN, and even for learning Korean on your mobile.

Its installation is simple, just follow the instructions presented after installation. We even have customization apps, each with its own style, so we advise you to experiment with its appearance and choose the ideal one for each user.

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Premium games temporarily free on the Google Play Store

  1. Zombie Age 2 Premium: Shooting | Free – 0.59 euro
  2. Trimino surface: increase the á | Free – 0.89 euro
  3. Shadow Survival: Shooting | Free – 0.89 euro
  4. Connect – Fresh and colorful game | Free – 0.89 euro
  5. 3D Chess World (Pro) | Free – 0.99 euro
  6. Burning Fortress 2 | Free – 0.99 euro
  7. Zombie Age 3 Premium: Survival | Free – 0.99 euro
  8. Shadow Hero Premium Offline TD | Free – €1.09
  9. Live or Die Survival Pro | Free – €1.19
  10. Final Castle Defense: Idle RPG | Free – 1.29 euro
  11. Building the VIP spaceship | Free – €1.79
  12. Dungeon Corp. P (idle roleplay) | Free – €1.79
  13. (VIP) Missile Dude RPG: Idle | Free – 1.89 euro
  14. quote II | Free – €1.99
  15. PRO Rectangles | Free – 2.49 euro
  16. The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle | Free – €3.49

The second block of free apps, or rather, in second place, we have the selection of games that you can now download without paying in the official store to have fun. Go through the list above and find the titles that really interest you among the various genres of Android games.

Finally, it should be noted that after installing the temporarily free applications, they will remain 100% yours, complete and functional on your smartphone or tablet. So our advice is simple: install it first, as long as it’s free, and enjoy.

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