22 (good) premium apps temporarily free on the Google Play Store

What better way to start the week than with a good selection of excellence applicationsApplications premiumthat now you can install without paying? They are all available on the Google Play Store, the trusted source for Android games and apps.

Thanks to the campaigns applied and the discounts promoted by the responsible studios, now is the ideal time to complete the range of applications on your Android tablet or smartphone. Hurry up! Promotions don’t last forever and you may miss out on these opportunities.

It is important to note that after installing the temporarily free applications, they will remain 100% yours, complete and functional on your device. Therefore, our advice is simple: install them first while they are free, and try them afterwards.

Personalization and work apps for Android

  1. Aurum – Icon Pack | Free – 0.69 euro
  2. Rumbero – Icon Pack | Free – 0.79 euro
  3. R 11 – Icon Pack | Free – 0.89 euro
  4. Identify dog ​​breeds | Free – 0.99 euro
  5. Diamond – Icon Pack | Free – €1.49
  6. Lineblack – Green Icon Pack | Free – €1.19
  7. constellations tv wallpaper| Free – €1.19
  8. GoldOx – The Golden Icon Pack | Free – €1.49

First of all, we have a short list of applications to customize the appearance of your Android smartphone. They are, above all, icon packs that can replace the general appearance of the elements predefined by the system.

Its application is very simple, just follow the instructions presented after installing each icon pack. In addition, each one has its own well-defined style, so we advise you to experiment with its appearance when choosing the ideal one for you.

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Premium games temporarily free on the Google Play Store

  1. Summoners Age: Idle Strategy | Free – 0.69 euro
  2. Stickman Legends: Shadow War | Free – 0.79 euro
  3. Second Hero Memory: Offline Sh | Free – 0.99 euro
  4. Demon Hunter: Premium | Free – €1.09
  5. Dungeon Corp. S (idle RPG) | Free – €1.09
  6. Stunt Legend Epic Crash Racing | Free – €1.19
  7. crazy calculator game | Free – €1.19
  8. oO | Free – 1.29 euro
  9. Block Blast – A retro game | Free – €1.39
  10. Speed ​​​​Math – Mini Math Games | Free – €1.39
  11. CARTOON CRAFTS | Free – €1.49
  12. Spelling Test & Practice PRO | Free – 2.49 euro
  13. Hidden Numbers PRO | Free – 2.59 euro
  14. Science Master – Quiz Games | Free – 4.39 euro

Secondly, we have a wide selection of games that you can now download without paying in the official store. Among various puzzle games and some action titles, RPG and even offline games. The list is particularly extensive at the beginning of this week, so we encourage you to explore the various contents.

That being said, the duration of each offer will vary depending on the respective studio and developer, so don’t waste your time!

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