21 temporarily free apps and games for Android on the Google Play Store

The weekend brings great opportunities to download applications. cousin without paying. This is possible thanks to promotions, discounts and authentic “gifts” that the respective developers apply in the Google Play Store, the Android store.

With that in mind, we have compiled the latest list with good apps, great games, and various customization tools for your Android smartphone or tablet that needs new apps. All you have to do is choose your favorites!

Below you can find, separated by category, general utility applications, fun games for your phone, as well as customization solutions. You have a direct link to the Google Play Store, as well as the free period of each content.

General purpose applications for Android

  1. Forex Sentiment Market Pro – No Ads – costs € 3.89 – free for 1 day
  2. 4K Camera – Movie Recorder with Camera Pro – costs € 4.69 – free for 2 days
  3. 4D visual math – costs € 4.69 – free for 2 days
  4. IP Subnetting Practice – costs € 2.09 – free for 3 days
  5. VLSM calculator – costs € 2.09 – free for 3 days
  6. Subnet calculator – costs € 2.09 – free for 3 days
  7. Reminder Pro – costs € 2.39 – free for 5 days
  8. Word Resume Creator Pro – costs € 0.59 – free for 6 days
  9. Word Resume Builder Pro – costs € 0.59 – free for 6 days
  10. My Scores – Score Viewer – costs € 2.99 – free for 6 days
  11. Text Reader PRO – offline text-to-speech (tts) app – costs € 0.59 – free for 6 days

If you need to increase productivity on your smartphone, first, check out these paid solutions, now free for a limited time. They are work tools, graphing calculators, system verification applications or text synthesizers.

Above you have a very complete list of normally paid solutions, totally free for the indicated time. Choose the tools according to your needs, try the ones you want and save a lot on this selection of content.

We highlight the 4K Camera, as well as My Score, depending on the needs of each user.

Games to install on an Android smartphone

  1. Unlimited Word Search PRO – costs € 2.39 – free for 2 days
  2. Printed artist – costs € 3.29 – free for 3 days
  3. Speed ​​math challenge – costs € 38.99 – free for 5 days
  4. Puzzle game to relax and unwind – costs € 0.69 – free for 6 days
  5. BUMGINEER Clicker RPG – costs € 0.59 – free for 7 days
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Second, the game selection is succinct, but full of good titles. In fact, these games are highly rated on the Google Play Store and promise to keep an eye on your smartphone. If you are looking for fun games and to pass the time, enjoy it now!

There are good puzzle, math and word games, as well as a specific game to relax after a week of work. At the same time you also have the Bumgineer for those looking for more action in a very colorful game with a good soundtrack.

You can download these games cousin without paying, officially through the Google Play Store. Thus, security is guaranteed and you can enjoy all the content with a clear conscience.

Personalization apps for Android

  1. Golden Disk 3D Live Wallpaper – costs € 0.69 – free for 2 days
  2. 3D Dollar Sign Live Wallpaper – costs € 0.59 – free for 2 days
  3. Shapy – Flat and Responsive Icon Pack – costs € 1.19 – free for 3 days
  4. Rapid Bow Launcher (Smart One Swipe Launcher) – costs € 3.09 – free for 5 days
  5. Morent – Icon Pack – costs € 0.99 – free for 6 days

Third and last, we point out various personalization apps, from live wallpapers to simple icon replacement apps. That is, icon packs that replace the default icon look of the Android system.

That way, you can give your Android tablet or smartphone a new look, perfect for that. icon packs. In particular, our pick for the week goes to the “Morent – Icon Pack” for the gorgeous vibrant colors and overall design of the content.

Please note that at the end of the promotional period, the apps will still be installed and running on your Android. If you’re looking for even more apps, check out the list above, which still has some free apps, but hurry up!

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