2021, the year that music fired Raffaella Carrà and Franco Battiato

In 2021, the voices of Rafaella Carrà, Franco Battiato or Vicente Fernández faded, and there were significant losses in other areas of culture, such as cinema -Jean Paul Belmondo or Verónica Forqué-, design -Elsa Peretti-, architecture -Richard Rogers- or literature – Almudena Grandes-.

A long list of farewells in which the farewell in July to the great Raffaella Carrà, a singer who marked an entire era in Italy, Spain and Latin America, with hits such as "Party", "In love everything is starting" or "Explode my heart", for her explosive style and for a sympathy that she cultivated especially from her facet as a presenter of television programs.

Just two months before, another of the great names in Italian music had left, one of the composers who blurred the barrier between high and low culture, Franco Battiato. He had been retired from the public scene for years and left as a legacy thirty studio albums as "The voice of the padrone" and songs that became hymns like "Voglio Vederti Danzare" or "Permanent scepter of gravità". The legend of the rancheras, Vicente Fernández, left a feeling of emptiness in Mexican music, for whom he was considered one of the great idols and whose death has put the final touch on the golden age of the rancheras, to which he contributed. with great reinterpretations of themes like "The king", or with songs like "Return Return". The "Godfather of Salsa", the Dominican Johnny Pacheco, key to forging this music in the neighborhoods of New York in the sixties, when he founded the band "Fania all stars". From Celia Cruz to Ray Barreto, among two hundred other renowned artists were part of this label, which helped shape the Latin music of the time. In March, a reggae pioneer, Neville Livingston, better known as "Bunny wailer" and one of the original members of the band "The Wailers" with Bob Marley. And in August, the dandy of The Rolling Stones, Charlie Watts, one of the great drummers in history, the most reserved member of a band of excessive personalities and the "rock" of the Stones, as Paul McCartney put it. But it’s not just music that has lost big names. In the cinema, the death of the Spanish actress Verónica Forqué shocked her colleagues and Spanish society as a whole. One of the eternal smiles of Spanish cinema was leaving with four Goya Awards and emblematic films such as "Kika" or "Joyful life". Jean Paul Belmondo, the everlasting smile of French cinema, also started. The actor starred in signature films of the "nouvelle vague" with Jean-Luc Godard or Louis Malle to action adventure films as "The man from the river" or "Borsalino". The filmmaker Bertrand Tavernier left behind, in addition to thirty films, among which titles such as "Captain conan" or "Life and nothing else", his criticisms as an expert cinephile, who outlined the history of France with his films marked by social commitment. Christopher Plummer, protagonist in "Smiles and tears" Along with actress Julie Andrews, he also passed away in 2021 after almost a lifetime working in front of the cameras, becoming the oldest actor to win an Oscar for his role in "Begginers" (2010) at 82 years old. Cuban film director Juan Carlos Tabío, co-author of films such as "Guantanamera" or "Strawberry and Chocolate", left us 41 documentaries and fiction tapes, in addition to having been one of the banners in the history of Cuban cinema. Known for her participation in "Harry Potter" or his role in the series "Peaky blinders", British actress Helen McCrory died this year, as did Nathalie Delon, and Paul Ritter, actor in series such as "Chernobyl" or movies like "Quantum of Solace", from James Bond, a saga in which Yaphet Kotto, the first black villain of the film series and another of the farewells of this 2021, also participated. The pen of the writer Anne Rice, one of the queens of gothic horror and author of the novel "Interview with the vampire" and the book series "The Vampire Diaries" It was extinguished this 2021, like that of the American Noah Gordon, author internationally known for his novel "The doctor", also transferred to the cinema. And in Spain Almudena Grandes, author of great works such as "Malena is the name of tango", "Rough Winds" or "The ages of Lulu". One of the Spanish narrators with the greatest international projection, as well as one of the literary voices most committed to feminism. The Cervantes Awards 2019 and 2020, Joan Margarit and Francisco Brines, were other farewells to the literary world. The fashion designer was losing Elsa Peretti, an Italian former model and jewelry designer, as well as one of the visible faces of Tiffany & Co., A firm for which he had worked since the mid-1970s and together with which he drew up new codes in design. of jewels. Fashion has also mourned the loss of designer Alber Elbaz, who marked the industry with his cocktail-style minidresses. Virgil Abloh, creative director of Louis Vuitton and his own firm, Off White, was also leaving after becoming one of the most acclaimed designers of recent years. 2021, a tough year for the world of culture, now reaches its final days with the death of two other great names: the British architect Richard Rogers, responsible for such emblematic buildings as the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris, and the writer and American journalist Joan Didion, representative of the "New journalism" and owner of a sharp, critical and feminist look.

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