2021 Protests, demonstrations and sit-ins

Peaceful protest for justice and rights is the right of every citizen of every country. It would not be wrong to call 2021 the year of protest because there have been protests in many countries which have turned into violent protests.

Presenting some of this year’s demonstrations in the form of photographs to their readers.

The corona virus has gripped the world since the beginning of 2020 and the authorities have imposed strict restrictions to stop the spread of the virus, but this year Belgian citizens, disturbed by the corona ban, took to the streets to protest. Violence turned violent as police used force to disperse protesters.

Violence Erupts at COVID Curb Protest in Brussels

Patsy Stevenson, a female social worker, was detained in London during a protest against the disappearance and murder of Sarah Award.

In the Thai capital Bangkok, the citizens did not deal with a better way to deal with the citizens who used to use Thai gas and water canons on protesters to disperse.

In Colombia, there have been protests over poverty, police brutality, inequality in education and health, and the government has been called upon to take action.

Georgia hosts anti-Asians rally, calling protesters “hate virus”

One man in New York City took on the guise of Uncle Sam and added a syringe to his head in protest of the vaccine being made compulsory for every citizen.

Protests against the Zionist occupation of Palestine have been going on for years, but in recent years, Israeli security forces are arresting Palestinians protesting peacefully against Israeli occupation of Palestinian land in the Sheikh Jarrah area of ‚Äč‚ÄčEast Jerusalem, while protests are also taking place in the West Bank. Protesters set fire to tires.

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During the protest against the opposition party Congress against the inflation in Delhi, the police arrested protesters.

During a school board meeting in Virginia, the meeting was called off because participants did not keep quiet, after which parents and members of the community protested.

This year, there were violent protests against blasphemy in the provincial capital of Pakistan, in which several policemen were martyred and protesters killed.

In Sudan, a man protests in front of burning tires against a possible military government.


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