200 asylum seekers missing in UK

200 asylum seekers missing in UK

Britain’s Home Secretary has admitted that 200 asylum-seeking children are missing.

British Immigration Minister Robert Jenner has said that 200 asylum-seeking children have gone missing in the past 18 months.

According to the French news agency, on Tuesday, Immigration Minister Robert Generque told parliament that the children are in Britain without their parents and that 13 of them are under the age of 16, including a girl.

Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick said that most of the children are from Albania.

According to the report of the Daily Observer, a criminal gang has kidnapped these asylum-seeking children in Brighton, southern England.

Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick acknowledged that there have been 440 disappearances since July 2021 and that asylum seekers have not returned to their hotels where they have voluntarily stayed.

According to government statistics, more than 200,000 children go missing from childcare centers in England and Wales every year.