20 Android apps that are too good to be free on the Google Play Store

20 Android apps that are too good to be free on the Google Play Store

THE google play store is the ideal store to find new applications, games and tools for our tablets and android smartphones with lots of quality content. However, the best apps and games are paid, but not always the “factor premium” applies to this luxury content.

Fortunately for us, as users, we have several “freebies” of the week. That is, every time the developers responsible for paid content temporarily place their products for free through the official store, then yes, we have golden opportunities!

With that in mind, we now highlight a careful selection of premium pps and games whose respective developers have now put them up for sale, offering this content. Therefore, you can install all this content without having to pay anything.

Android apps that are now free

  1. rigid dumbbells – costs €4.99
  2. Professional MP3 player – Qamp – costs €0.79
  3. Boundo: Application API Checker – costs €0.99
  4. Relaxing Sounds for Sleep PRO – costs €0.59
  5. gfx pro tool – costs €0.09

First of all, there are general utility applications. They are, above all, work and productivity tools, with special emphasis on sound equalizers and the gym app, each one with its specificity and all free.

Games for Android with free download

  1. spelling challenge – costs €0.79
  2. PRO prepositions test – costs €0.79
  3. PRO Rectangles – costs €0.79
  4. Spelling Games PRO 8 in 1 – costs €2.49
  5. Spelling Teacher PRO – costs €1.99
  6. Hidden Word Brain Exercise PRO – costs €0.79
  7. Articles Grammar Test PRO – costs €0.79
  8. neo monsters– costs €0.50
  9. The lost lands dinosaur hunter – costs €0.09
  10. kids puzzle animals – costs €2.99

Second, we have a succinct list of premium games, now free to play on your smartphone. The theme varies little, with various challenges for the brain, riddles, among others.

We have one of the highest paid (but now free) learning games, as well as several children’s games, created mainly for young people.

Temporarily free customization packs

  1. Cartogram – Live Map Background – costs €2.00
  2. Lines Square – White Icon Pack – costs €1.49
  3. Star X 3D live wallpaper – costs €0.59
  4. space clock live wallpaper – costs €0.59
  5. Awf Mohawk – clock face – costs €1.29

Thirdly, we have the customization applications for our Android tablet and/or smartphone, as well as for the smart watch, in case you want to change your digital screen.

As a general rule, they are simple applications that allow us to change the general appearance of the icons in the applications installed on our mobile device. Keep in mind that each one has its own style, so we recommend you to know each one of them.

Finally, please note that after the promotional period, these applications will be paid for again, however, after downloading, they will remain yours from then on.


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