2-year-old boy playing with gun, father shot

In the United States, a 2-year-old boy shot his father while playing with a gun. Police arrested the mother.

According to US media, a 2-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his father in the state of Florida.

On May 26, when police officers entered a house near Orlando after receiving a call on 911, they found the baby’s mother, Mary Ayala, giving CPR to her husband, Reggie Mayberry.

Orange County Sheriff John Mena told a news conference that law enforcement initially thought the 26-year-old, who died shortly after arriving at the hospital, had shot himself.

He said his eldest son later told investigators that his two-year-old brother had accidentally fired a gun.

Court documents say the gun was in a bag that Reggie Mayberry dropped on the ground. The boy approached the bag and shot his father in the back while he was playing a video game on a computer.

The sheriff said both parents were on payroll after a number of offenses of child neglect and drug use.

John Mena says gun owners who do not properly protect their firearms are only a second away from what happened in their homes.

The sheriff added that now these young children have lost their parents, their father has died, their mother is in prison. A small child lives his life with this trauma
He reportedly shot his father.

Such incidents are not uncommon in the United States. In August 2021, another 2-year-old boy found a gun in his bag and shot his mother in the head while she was holding a video conference.

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