2 tactical changes by Sampaoli to revive Sevilla FC

2 tactical changes by Sampaoli to revive Sevilla FC

Many times in football there is only logical things to do to obtain results and in the case of the Sevilla team, this week we have seen green shoots that have nothing to do with transfers

When a team like him Sevilla F.C. of Sampaoli is completely locked, it may be easier than it seems to find the key. Today’s football always tends to throw out the coach or make a revolution in the winter market. But really the solution is through a change of attitude. The signings are not going to change that fear of going out onto the pitch.

Because when a team is built to play in the Champions League, being classified between Cádiz and Elche CF, in relegation places, stiffens the legs. However, the solution you can implement Sampaoli in it Sevilla F.C. It was already appreciated against Alavés.

Sampaoli is convinced to amend the situation

Sampaoli’s Sevilla FC needs to hit the key

Many complain that there are very veteran players, that they earn a lot and that they cannot be sold. Cool. They are right. But if they can’t get out and are part of this squad, they should at least try to propose a context in which they feel comfortable.

He was seen against Alavés. Sampaoli touched on two key points for Sevilla FC. He put Jesús Navas as a winger, so that he doesn’t have to wear himself out in defense. He brought Rakitic closer to the rival area, to take advantage of what is never lost, the shot. The result could not be more representative of what we are trying to explain.

Rakitic and Navas must be important

Measured cross from Jesús Navas and an unappealable header from Rakitic entering the area by surprise. Ancelotti has found the solution that Sevilla FC needs almost by chance. A 4-2-3-1, with Montiel and Navas on the right and with Acuña and the recently repatriated Ocampos on the left.

Rakitic as the third midfielder, behind the 9. Strengthen the defense, bring the team together and try to compete as well as possible. It may be that Jesús Navas is no longer around to run the band. But if you give him balls in conditions to cross, he continues to be the top of LaLiga. Rakitic may be old and can’t put pressure on the entire field. But give him a ball near the area that surely he knows what to do. Soccer is simpler than it seems.


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