2 ring candidates want Willy Hernangómez out of the Pelicans

The Spanish center is registering one of his worst averages in the league and everything indicates that he will change teams before the deadline in February

After being crowned champion and MVP of the Eurobasket, Willy Hernangomez He was aiming high in the NBA. It was not for less, because after completing the feat with Spain he returned to the North American league, where he had had the best season of his career with 9.1 points per game. But on his return to the New Orleans Pelicans He realized that the situation was not as expected.

He began the season as the team’s fourth center behind Valenciunas, Hayes and Larry Nance Jr. This made him spend several games on the bench without even playing minutes and the situation, despite improving in recent weeks, does not invite the optimism. That is why everything points to Willy Hernangomez It will be transferred in the coming weeks.

Willy Hernangómez will change teams in 2023

Willy Hernangómez, object of desire of great NBA teams

With a salary of 2.4 million dollars, and with a team option next season, it seems like one of the best options on the market for teams interested in incorporating him. And it is that his departure from the Pelicans could occur through a simple transfer or even paying a small amount of money.

The New Orleans franchise will not impede the progress of a center they do not have for the play-offs and who in the regular season, in the 18 games he has played, barely averages 11 minutes per game. That is why they prefer to trade it now to get some interesting piece in exchange, which could be useful in the post-season.

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The 2 teams that want the MVP of the Pelicans

Right now, there are two teams that have options to compete for the ring that are looking for centers in the market. One of those teams is the Nets. The Brooklyn franchise only has Claxton as a center and they need more bodies in the area, because in the playoffs they will have to deal with players like Embiid or Antetokounmpo and they don’t want to force Durant more than necessary.

Willy Hernangómez, although he is not even remotely a good defender, could be a solution. Especially in attack, where he accumulates very fast stats. Likewise, the Blazers are also interested in the Spanish center, because, like the Brooklyn Nets, they need a substitute ‘5’. Now all that remains is to wait, but everything indicates that in less than a month we will see him wearing a new shirt.

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